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The Center for Portuguese Studies (CPS) is a center within University of California, Berkeley's Institute of European Studies (IES ) which is part of International Area Studies (IAS).
The program was established in 1994 via a grant from the Fundação Luso-Americana para o Desenvolvimento (FLAD) of Lisbon in collaboration with various UC Berkeley programs. The Center for Portuguese Studies is a distinct entity from the Department of Spanish and Portuguese (which teaches language, literature and culture). CPS works with all departments on campus to bring distinguished scholars to campus, sponsor conferences and workshops, develop courses, and support research by students and faculty.

The program's goals are various and interlocking:

  • to support intellectual work clarifying the complicated and powerful role played by Portugal on the world stage and in Europe;
  • to promote the understanding of contemporary social, economic, political and cultural developments within Portuguese borders;
  • to foster collaboration between Portuguese and American researchers in their work on various technical, economic, cultural and environmental issues;
  • to spotlight the crucial and complex but often overlooked experience and contributions of the Portuguese-American community;
  • to improve the UC educational experience for students of Portuguese heritage.

To strengthen scientific, academic and cultural ties between the Berkeley campus, northern California and Portugal, the CPS works with Portugal and its representatives in the U.S., various California and Portuguese institutions of higher learning, and a number of Portuguese-American organizations. CPS offers fellowships to doctoral students whose research concerns Portugal, and administers scholarships and fellowships for study at UC Berkeley to undergraduate and graduate students of Portuguese descent.

CPS is funded by the generous donations of several Institutions and individuals who value the continuarion of research and programing related to Portugal, Portuguese Language,  and the Portuguese Speaking World.

The Center for Portuguese Studies houses the following Programs:

Gulbenkian Program in Portuguese Studies

Luso-American Financial Program for Luso-American Studies

Ana Hatherly Camões Institute Catedra

Site of Examination for Portuguese Language - Local para Aplicação e Promoção de Exames do Português Língua Estrangeira (LAPE)


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