Luso-American Financial Program for Luso-American Studies

The Luso-American Studies Program at the Center for Portuguese Studies was founded in 2017 with the generous support of Luso-American Financial – A Fraternal Benefit Society.

The main objectives of the program are the following:

  • Promote Research and encourage the study of the Portuguese-American experience;
  • Collaborate with Portuguese and Portuguese-American institutions in the United States and Portugal;
  • Collaborate with scholars researching Portuguese-American communities;
  • Inform Portuguese Youth and Portuguese-American youth about UC Berkeley, including funding opportunities through the Pinto/Fialon Fund;
  • Promote a yearly Portuguese Youth Day @ Cal;
  • Support the maintenance and continuation of the Portuguese Oral History Project at the Bancroft Library;
  • Support the augmentation of the Portuguese-American collection at the UCB Library system;
  • Create awareness among Portuguese and Portuguese-American Students at UCB and encourage them to take advantage of the different opportunities available under the Pinto/Fialon Fund;
  • Sponsor a Luso-American Education Foundation Conference on Education at least once every four years;
  • Establish a Portuguese/Portuguese-American Student Group at UCB.
Teacher Training and Portuguese Youth Day at Cal

Luso-American Education Conference and Portuguese Youth Day at Cal