Pinto-Fialon Scholarships and Fellowships (Graduate and Undergraduate)

With the support of the Pinto-Fialon Fund, the Center for Portuguese Studies offers fellowships to doctoral students embarking on dissertations focused on Portugal, and administers scholarships to undergraduate students of Portuguese descent.

Eligibility: The Pinto/Fialon Scholarships (undergraduate) and Fellowships (graduate) are open to Portuguese-American and Portuguese students at UC Berkeley (Portuguese-American students are defined as having at least one Portuguese grandparent).

To be eligible for Pinto/Fialon support, applicants must complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form (available at any Financial Aid Office) so that their financial need may be determined; continuing students should have already received FAFSA renewal applications. International students are not required to complete this form.

Pinto/Fialon Scholarships are awarded to Portuguese and Portuguese-American Students on a merit basis. Students who do not qualify for financial aid should attach the FAFSA determination to their application to the Center for Portuguese Studies.

Deadline: June 30

For more information, please contact Duarte Pinheiro at