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Fall 2018 - Spring 2019


  Lieselot De Taeye, Visiting Student Researcher

  Vrije Universiteit Brussel



  View Lieselot De Taeye's CV here.

  Christina Gerhardt, Visiting Scholar

  University of Hawai'i at Mānoa



  View Christina Gerhardt's CV here.



  Christina Golin, Visiting Student Researcher

  University of Münster, Germany

  Spring 2019


  View Christina Golin's CV here.


  Juan Roch Gonzalez, Visiting Student Researcher

Freie Universität Berlin

  Spring 2019


  View Juan Roch Gonzalez's CV here.



  Markus Hinterleitner, Visiting Scholar

  University of Bern, Switzerland

  Spring 2019


  View Markus Hinterleitner's CV here.



  Thomas Meneweger, Visiting Student Researcher

  University of Salzburg, Austria

  Spring 2019


  View Thomas Meneweger's CV here.



  Jekaterina Novikova

  2018-19 EU Fellow


  View Jekaterina Novikova's CV here.




Renee Tosser  Renée Tosser, Visiting Scholar

  Université de la Réunion (France)

  Spring 2019


  View Renée Tosser's CV here.


  Nick Underwood

  Tandem Fellow in the History of Migration, 2018–2019, German Historical Institute West / IES


  View Nick Underwood's CV here.



  Florian Wagner

  Tandem-Fellow in the History of Migration, 2018–2019. German Historical Institute West / IES


  View Florian Wagner's CV here.





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