Luso-American Development Foundation (FLAD)

The Luso-American Development Foundation (FLAD) promotes the development of Portugal, the Portuguese and Portuguese-descendant communities through a close cooperation with the United States of America. It serves as a bridge between the two countries, focusing on Science, Education,  Culture and Transatlantic Relations.

Under the leadership of Dr. Rui Machete, FLAD was at the inception of the Center for Portuguese Studies. The relationship between FLAD and the Center For Portuguese Studies (initially Portuguese Studies Program) goes back to 1989 and has resulted in many successful achievements. It provided and continues to provide opportunities for students, scholars, and people from other fields of expertise to develop their research, work, studies on both sides of the Atlantic.

CPS, in cooperation with FLAD, will promote a number of events that are related to key priorities including Portugal's role in the European Union, sustainability, digital technology, cultural and economic issues. The "Research is Portuguese" Series includes conferences, colloquiums, and interviews, and aims to showcase top research conducted in Portugal in different fields of study.

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