Name Job title Role
Akasemi Newsome Associate Director Staff
Amedeo Arena Full Professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Naples “Federico II” Senior Fellow
Michael Baum Professor of Political Science, Catholic University of Portugal Senior Fellow
Matt Beech Director of the Centre for British Politics / Reader in Politics, University of Hull Senior Fellow
Mark Bevir Professor of Political Science; Director, Center for British Studies; Chair of IES Faculty Advisory Committee Program Chair, Faculty Advisory Board
Frederik Braüner PhD Student in Architecture Graduate Student
Timothy Scott Brown Professor of History, Northeastern University Senior Fellow
Beverly Crawford Professor Emerita of Political Science, UC Berkeley Senior Fellow
Jeroen Dewulf Professor of German and Queen Beatrix Professor of Dutch Studies; Director of the Institute of European Studies Director
Catherine Flynn Associate Professor of English; Director, Irish Studies Program Program Chair
Mia Fuller Associate Professor of Italian Studies; Director, Program for the Study of Italy Program Chair
Christina Gerhardt Professor and Leir Chair of Comparative Literature, Clark University Senior Fellow
Gia White Administrative Director Staff
Deniz Göktürk Professor of German Faculty Advisory Board
Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas Professor of Economics Faculty Advisory Board
Larry Hyman Professor of Linguistics; Director, France-Berkeley Fund Program Chair, Faculty Advisory Board
Christopher R. Jackson Instructor, De Anza College Senior Fellow
Blaze Joel PhD Student in History Graduate Student
David Clay Large Professor, Fromm Institute, University of San Francisco Senior Fellow
Jonah Levy Professor, Department of Political Science; Director, Center of Excellence in French and Francophone Studies Program Chair