British Studies Research Resources

At UC Berkeley

Within the UC System

  • Davis: British Romantic Poets, 1789-1832 Project. Shields Library, UC Davis
  • Irvine: UCI Library Special Collections: The British Naval History Collection (1700-1918)
  • Los Angeles: UCLA Library's holdings in British literature, including Dryden holdings and 17th century collections
  • San Diego: Scripps Institution of Oceanography Library: British Admiralty Charts
  • San Francisco: Galen II Tobacco Control Archives: The British-American Tobacco Document Collection
  • Santa Barbara: Active English and History Departments offering British courses
  • Santa Cruz: The Dickens Project
  • Pacific Coast Conference on British Studies


  • The Sutro Library, San Francisco: Newspapers, periodicals, pamphlets, manuscripts from 1630-1900, including papers from Darwin, Wordsworth, British explorers, history of science
  • The British Museum, London