Affiliated Faculty

Terri Bimes, Political Science; American politics

Marianne Constable, Rhetoric; Legal history, law and literature, law and social theory

James Davies, Music

John A. Douglass, Senior Research Fellow - Public Policy and Higher Education; Center for Studies in Higher Education

Ian Duncan, English; the novel, British literature and culture 1740-1900, Scottish Enlightenment and Romanticism

Eric Falci, English; British and Irish poetry

Munis D. Faruqui, South & Southeast Asian Studies; South Asian history

Anne-Lise Francois, English; 18th and 19th-century British literature

Kevis Goodman, English; 18th century literature, Romanticism, Milton, Media Theory, representations of the Holocaust

Jocelyne Guilbault, Music

Imogen Hart, History of Art

Kinch Hoekstra, Political Science; early modern political thought; Thomas Hobbes

Ernest B. Hook, School of Public Health; British medicine and science, Early modern England

Abdul R. JanMohamed, English; postcolonial and cultural theory

Victoria Kahn, English; English Renaissance Literature 1500-1660, Critical Theory

Alan Karras, International and Area Studies Teaching Program; British Caribbean, British Empire, Scottish migration

Celeste Langan, English; 19th century British literature

Thomas W. Laqueur, History; 18th & 19th century Britain; cultural history

Grace Lavery, Dept. of English; Victorian literature and culture

Marc Levin, Former Associate Director, Institute of Governmental Studies; British politics and history

David Lieberman, Jurisprudence and Social Policy Program; History of political and social thought, English and Scottish legal history

Margaretta Lovell, History of Art; British painting, architecture, decorative arts, city planning

Michael Mascuch, Rhetoric; Early modern British culture and society

Dan Melia, Rhetoric and Celtic Studies; Medieval narrative; orality; Celtic philology

Joanna Picciotto, English; Renaissance-Early Modern and 18th-century British literature

Janet Sorensen, English; 18th-century British literature

Michael Rubenstein, English; 20th-Century British Literature. Postcolonial & World Literature. Narrative & the Novel

Ethan Shagan, History; Chair of the Department of History; early modern England; politics and religion

Amanda Tyler, Law; Director, Anglo-American Law & Policy Program

James Vernon, History; 19th century British politics and culture; Empire; Imperial Britain and the problem of hunger