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The French Studies Program at the Institute of European Studies supports a wide array of activities to foster collaboration between UC Berkeley and France.

The Program was established in 1987 as part of the Center for Western European Studies, and in 1999 was incorporated into the IES.

What we do:

  • Provide a platform for conferences, colloquia, and public lectures to disseminate knowledge of and foster interest in French society, culture, literature, science, and the arts
  • Through the France-Berkeley Fund, strengthen Berkeley’s academic, intellectual, and institutional ties to France by funding binational, collaborative research
  • Promote study abroad and internship programs in France for Berkeley students and recent graduates


What we want to do:

  • Broaden our reach across disciplines by coordinating with other organizations on and off the Berkeley campus to support binational, collaborative research and shared cultural interests


Please consider supporting our activities through corporate sponsorship, donation, or bequest. For more information on funding and development, contact Julia Nelsen at the IES,

Institute of European Studies
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