Foreign Language Lecturer Travel Grant

The Institute of European Studies is pleased to announce a competition for travel grants for UC Berkeley instructors of European languages to support the acquisition of new information and training in language pedagogy.

Applications should include:

  • Statement (1000 word max) describing the applicant's planned travel and how it will enhance language instruction at UC Berkeley
  • Travel/project budget
  • a short CV

Award amount:Up to $1500

Eligibility: This application is open to UC Berkeley lecturers only. All lecturers teaching European languages at UC Berkeley, including Turkish, can apply.

NOTE: Lecturers in Slavic languages and other Eastern European languages (Hungarian, Armenian) should contact the Institute of Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies for support. 

Deadline: May 15 (Spring semester) and November 30 (Fall semester) annually

Award recipients must submit international flight itineraries at least **30 days** before travel and ticket purchase to our Institute for pre-approval by the US Department of Education.

For additional information, please contact