Gerald D. and Norma Feldman Graduate Dissertation Fellowship

Photo of Gerald D. Feldman

Professor Gerald D. Feldman

To honor the memory of History Professor Gerald D. Feldman — particularly his dedication to graduate students — the Institute for European Studies has established the Gerald D. and Norma Feldman Graduate Student Dissertation Fellowship.

In 1994, Gerald Feldman took over the UC Center for German and European Studies, the research center that served the ten campuses of the University of California and in 2000 became part of the newly formed Institute of European Studies. Under his leadership from 1994 to 2006, both the Center and the Institute provided generous funding for students and faculty whose research focused on Europe. The creation of this Fellowship will help sustain the formidable legacy left by the Institute’s former Director.

Award amount: $3,000

Eligibility: Open to UC Berkeley graduate students writing their dissertations on topics related to Europe. Topics should focus on political, historical, economic, social, cultural, and intellectual issues, or public policy in Europe. Recipients must be advanced to candidacy. The fellowship may be used to supplement external grants.

Application instructions:

Students applying for this grant should submit the following materials:

1) A one-page application letter, where you briefly explain your interest in European Studies and summarize your research project.

2) A detailed description of your research project (3 pages maximum)

3) a short cv (2 pages) and

4) A letter of recommendation from your faculty advisor - letter should be sent to

Deadline: November 1

For additional information, please contact