Nordic Student Pathways

I hope to be able to use the Nordic model to reconcile the realities of capitalism and my intended career in the private sector with my passions for environmental and social justice.
"Sustainable Capitalism in the Nordics" Student

The Nordic Center compiles and offers internship and full-time employment opportunities with Nordic employers for students to work in the Nordic countries and experience life in the Nordics. The Nordic Center also infuses relevant Nordic content within existing curricula across and supports the development of Nordic-focused curricular offerings. The Nordic Center is the base for Nordic students visiting the University of California and will foster their engagement at UC Berkeley and beyond.

Grant Opportunities

Language Course Incentive Grant

Nordic Center grant for successfully completing a language course in a Nordic Language prior to study abroad in a Nordic country, $1000. 

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Advanced Language Study Grant

This scholarship, up to $5000, is meant for the continuation and professionalization of a Nordic language.

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Summer Language Course Grant 

Grant up to $2000,  provides funding to students to encourage summer study of a Nordic language in the respective Nordic country.

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Concurrent Enrollment Language Course Grant

This scholarship, up to $4000, is meant for covering all fees connected with enrolling in a language course in a Nordic country during the cadmic year of 2022 - 2023.

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Study Abroad Opportunities

Aarhus University - Denmark

Aarhus is a perfect example of why Denmark scores high on livability rankings. Young at heart and surrounded by beautiful beaches and forests, the City of Smiles is compact, photogenic, and student-friendly. Set by the waterfront, Aarhus boasts cobbled streets, classic and quirky architecture, and New Nordic cuisine. At Aarhus University, you can fulfill degree requirements with a range of courses, all taught in English. In exploring Aarhus, you can reach most places easily by foot or by using the city’s free bikes. Check out the city’s Viking roots in Old Town or the world-renowned ARoS Art Museum. 

Terms: Fall, Spring, Year

Copenhagen Business School - Denmark

At the Copenhagen Business School, you can choose from an exciting lineup of courses in business, finance, marketing, economics, and communication. Taught completely in English, courses fuel the mindset of innovators, strategists, and entrepreneurs. Explore topics like consumer behavior, social marketing, supply chain management, data visualization, or persuasive communications—all with an international perspective. An action-packed Danish cultural and social program complements your studies. Meet students visiting from 50+ countries and enjoy Denmark’s bike culture as you zoom through the city streets. With a program of three-day weekends, there’s plenty of time to enjoy summer activities outside of class.

Term: Summer

University of Copenhagen - Denmark

It's no surprise that one of the greenest and most bicycle-friendly cities in the world is also the capital of the one of the happiest countries. Copenhagen, Denmark, presents glimpses of the past and future through its modern architecture and opulent castles. The University of Copenhagen offers a wide-range of studies making it a good fit for any major. Start with an intensive 3-week Danish language course and gain an introduction to local culture. Explore the ten museums and research gardens on campus, practice conversation skills with café regulars in the port district where Hans Christian Andersen penned fairy tales, and experience Tivoli Gardens amusement park, the inspiration for Disneyland.

Terms: Fall, Spring, Year

University of Iceland - Iceland

Experience an off the beaten path European study abroad experience. Iceland, the land of fire and ice, is where some of the largest glaciers and some of the world's most active volcanoes are located. This is the perfect program for majors in earth sciences like volcanology, geophysics, and geochemistry. When you need a break from the stunning Icelandic scenery, Reykjavic is the place to be. This small, walkable capital city is filled with restaurants, museums, music venues, and parks. Resting and floating in the geothermal pools is very much a way of life all year long.

Tarms: Fall, Spring, Year

University of Oslo - Norway

Experience the northern lights, flowing waterfalls, and the jaw-dropping beauty of Oslo. At the University of Oslo, take classes in English in a variety of subjects. Norwegians and exchange students join you in class, making for a truly international study experience. University events expand on course topics like architecture, media, law, and politics. Tour heritage sites, step onto an ancient Viking ship, go to a concert in a fortress, or take a ski course. You’ll also have your pick of a weekend excursion to hike in the mountains, explore fjords, or try whitewater rafting. A quick train ride takes you to campus-owned student cabins—a popular winter playground.

Tarms: Fall, Spring, Year

University of Oslo - Norway

Take Scandinavian area studies, enjoy field trips and extracurricular activities and experience life in Oslo, a city that serves as a symbol of peace and the home to the Nobel Peace Center.

Term: Summer

Lund University - Sweden

Lund blends modern style and ancient heritage. Explore hip coffee houses, lush parks, and a striking medieval cathedral and discover a rich history tracing back to the Viking Age. Being a hub of technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship, Lund is a fantastic choice for a wide-range of academic pursuits. As the birthplace of innovations like the artificial kidney, Bluetooth, and the eco-friendly Tetra Pak carton, Lund University is an exciting place to study. Take classes in your major and access research opportunities in STEM fields. You can also join one of the nations, a student club that organizes social activities or try snowshoeing or skiing.

Terms: Fall, Spring, Year

Uppsala University - Sweden

Uppsala is a blend of historical charm and youthful buzz thanks to its large student population. Scenic pathways and cafés flank the winding Fyris river as it flows through the city center. Uppsala University, Sweden's first university, has extensive course offerings in English and is an excellent choice for advancing any degree path or major. The teacher-student relationship is close—students and teachers are typically on a first-name basis and interact regularly. On campus, the Museum Gustavianum houses an anatomical theater, the Augsburg Art Cabinet, and pre-Viking Age objects.

Terms: Fall, Spring, Year

Internships and Career Opportunities

Global Internships: Stockholm, Sweden

Gain first-hand knowledge, connections, and work experience through an academic internship in Stockholm, Sweden. On this program you will:

• Undertake a professional internship in the field of your choice
• Earn academic credit for your internship via a ten-week online course

Term: Summer

Internships in Sweden via SACC-USA

Interested in gaining practical experience in a Nordic country? The Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce, SACC-USA, is looking for top students and recent graduates to join Swedish companies for training programs for up to 18 months.

 Sweden is home to many high-tech, innovative companies such as Spotify and Skype and offers a vibrant start-up scene. Swedish core values are freedom, equality, and sustainability. The management style is flat. Swedes love co-creating and working together.  

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Copenhagen Capacity

Copenhagen Capacity assists companies based in Denmark with attracting international and highly skilled candidates.

Business Sweden

Sweden’s unique focus on innovation, sustainability, co-creation and equality has created a dynamic economy, making it a platform for companies to both expand and reflect its existence upon in purpose-driven world.