Faculty & Research Pathways

The Nordic Center represents a platform that receives scholars from Nordic institutions to UC Berkeley and sends UC Berkeley scholars to the Nordics. 

The Nordic Center identifies collaboration opportunities to areas with shared benefits, which include, for example, facilitating access to the rich Nordic data registries (ex. health, employment, crime) on behalf of UC Berkeley researchers and fostering associated collaborations with Nordic-based researchers.

Research activities will encourage and expand Nordic research activity on campus through resources dedicated to encouraging holistic humanities and social sciences research, overseen by the Nordic Social Sciences Hub and the Nordic Humanities Hub, in the spirit of encouraging cutting-edge, Nordic-minded, interdisciplinary research partnerships across all disciplines. 

Research Priorities

Humanities Hub

The Nordic Humanities Hub supports the Scandinavian department’s research and further ensures the Scandinavian Department continues to thrive in perpetuity.

Social Sciences Hub

The Nordic Social Sciences Hub, executed through the Center for Responsible Business at the Haas School of Business, disperses funding across UC Berkeley for Nordic-focused research projects.

Affiliated Faculty