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Spring 2017

February 7: Richard Price: Contemporary British Collections at the British Library

April 14-15: Logic and Literary Form

April 21: Decentering European Governance

April 28: Inside Co-production


Fall 2016

August 11-14: 24th Annual Conference of the North American Society for the Study of Romanticism: Romanticism and its Discontents

October 7: Interpreting the English School in International Relations

October 13: Underhill Lecture: Niall Ferguson, Making Britain Great Again? Lessons for America from Brexit.

November 3: Jon Wilson: The Chaos of Empire

November 10: Abdul R. Janmohamed: Sambo: a (Post)Colonial (Mis)Education

November 10: Daniel Stedman Jones: The Neoliberal Origins of the New Progressive Politics

November 15, 2016: Victorian Liberalism and the Effect of Sovereignty: A View from the Settler Periphery


Spring 2016

January 15: Decentering Health Policy: Narratives, Resistance, and Practices

March 3: The Legacies of Stuart Hall

March 4: Bill Schwarz: Memories of Empire

March 14: Deborah Cohen: Love and Money in the Informal Empire: The British in Argentina, 1830-1930

March 17: Jordanna Bailkin: Unsettled: Refugee Camps in Britain from the Suez Crisis to Idi Amin

April 5: Mark Bevir: A Genealogy of Governance

April 25: Richard Lewis: The UK's Referendum on Membership in the European Union - What Does it Mean for the Rest of the World?

May 13: Brexit: What Happens if the UK leaves the European Union?


Fall 2015

August 11-14: Romanticism and its Discontents

September 2: The 2015 British General Elections: Transition or Crisis?

September 5-6: A Conference in Honor of Thomas Laqueur

September 19: Christopher Ricks: Retrospectives and Conversations

October 15: Amitav Ghosh: Flood of Fire

November 6: Decentering Social Policy: Narratives, Resistance, and Practices

December 4: Decentering Urban Governance: Narratives, Resistance, and Practices


Spring 2015

April 17: Anthony Joseph: The Frequency of Magic

May 7: Old Friends, New World: The US & UK in the 21st Century, featuring Lord Patten of Barnes


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