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IES Launches the Nation's First Ph.D. Degree in European Studies
In April 2015, the UC Berkeley Graduate Council approved the IES proposal for the creation of a Designated Emphasis in European Studies. This new program, offered in cooperation with the Institute of Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies, will provide curricular and research resources for Berkeley graduate students who want to concentrate on European Studies within their respective disciplines and have their work formally recognized in their degree designation. Designed to bring together faculty and students from different departments, the DE will offer a unique context for rigorous cross-disciplinary research. Students applying to the DE must be prepared to integrate high-level research in European Studies into their coursework, qualifying exams, and dissertation. The program will be hosted by the Institute of European Studies in Moses Hall.

Graduate Student Working Group
During the 2015-2016 academic year, Berkeley's Institute for European Studies and Social Science Matrix will organize a multi-disciplinary graduate seminar around the topic of 'A Polarizing Europe.' The group brings together graduate students, visiting scholars, and faculty from all disciplines--experts and non-experts alike in this topic-- to analyze this pressing and variegated question. Read more here.

IES Welcomes the New EU Fellow
IES welcomes Mr. Anze Erbeznik, who will succeed to Mr. Francisco B. Garcia Moran as the new EU Fellow on the UC Berkeley campus. Mr Erbeznik, a native of Slovania, is a highly qualified official of the European Parliament with a broad professional experience. He is currently Administrator at the Committee on Civil, Justice and Home Affairs, in the European Parliament.

IES and Scandinavian Studies Launch Icelandic Program
This semester, IES and Scandinavian Studies launched a new program in Icelandic language study. For more information, please click here.


Berkeley students visit the European Parliament

Students of the 2015 UC Berkeley Summer Sessions Program to the Benelux countries visited the European Parliament in Brussels with IES director Jeroen Dewulf
Berkeley students visit the European Investment Bank
How students from the UC Berkeley Travel Study Program Experienced the Benelux Region in Europe

Undergraduate Course "Why Europe Still Matters," Spring 2015

To read more about this undergraduate initiative to study Europe, organized with support of the US Department of Education Title VI Program, click here.

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