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IES Sponsors Icelandic Language Education
In cooperation with the UC Berkeley Department of Scandinavian, IES will co-sponsor a new program in Icelandic language education. Straddling both the Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean, Icelandic is a strategic language in the transatlantic connections between the US and Europe as well as between Europe and the Artic. With this new program, the Department of Scandinavian will be offering 5 Nordic languages: Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and Danish. Via an Internet 2.0 Highspeed video-conference connection, these language courses are also offered to students at the University of California Los Angeles.

IES Sponsors Advanced Turkish Language Education
In cooperation with the UC Berkeley Center for Middle Eastern Studies and the Department for Near Eastern Studies, IES will co-sponsor a new course in advanced Turkish in order to strengthen Turkish language education on the Berkeley campus. Straddling both the European and Asian continents, Turkish is a strategic language of national need with inadequate coverage in the US. It is also an official minority language in Cyprus and Greece, and a minority language in several other European nations. Germany alone counts about 3 million Turkish speakers.

IES Sponsors Advanced Catalan Language Education
In cooperation with the UC Berkeley Department of Spanish and Portuguese, IES will co-sponsor a new course in advanced Catalan in order to strengthen Catalan language education on the Berkeley campus.


Arnaud Goethals, CEO of Vive la Tarte with IES Director Jeroen Dewulf

March 12, 2015: The Art of Belgian Food Culture

The Benelux Program had a record turnout for a social event on Thursday, March 12, to hear entrepreneur and chef Arnaud Goethals, co-founder of "Vive la Tarte." Goethals has made a mark on the local food scene in the San Francisco Bay Area since his American debut in 2011. He delivers Belgian cuisine with a “California flair”, while simultaneously planning the launch of a food center in San Francisco with a planned opening of May 1st. In discussion with IES director Jeroen Dewulf, Goethals explained his path from Belgium to opening one of the most anticipated new eateries in San Francisco. Goethals began by renting a small commercial kitchen for a catering operation. Through an innovative menu of high quality breakfast offerings and desserts that link the best of Belgian culinary science with Californian gastronomical tastes, Goethals gained clients such as tech giant Twitter and quickly expanded his business. There is more than an incidental link between the food scene and the tech scene, though: a former consultant himself, Goethals has applied the principles of start-up management to Belgian food with his work at “Vive la Tarte,” innovating rapidly while always listening to the customer. True to the Belgian spirit, Goethals’ artisanal baking collective rolls its dough on vintage equipment and employs dedicated expert chefs for every stage of production. And true to his California location, he has developed sub-specialties in vegan and gluten-free cooking, while sourcing seasonal and organic ingredients. Goethals brought several samples of his delicious baking for the audience, which were received with great approval. While Goethals is proud of his success as an entrepreneur, he stresses that quality trumps scale. Instead of a franchise, we can expect “Vive La Tarte” to promote the richness of Belgian food right here in the Bay Area with an operation built on transparency and sustainability. Best of all, Goethals plans to offer cooking classes through his new food center in San Francisco. Consider yourself invited!

A Vive la Tarte delicacy 

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