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The Institute of European Studies seeks to enrich America's understanding of Europe -- its people, developments and challenges -- through the generation and dissemination of distinguished scholarship. As the University's focal point for the study of Europe, IES brings disciplines together to create new cross-disciplinary understandings of European issues and issues related to Europe and its constituent nations. 

IES Goals

The Institute's goals are threefold:

  1. To stimulate, initiate, facilitate, and finance research and education in European studies at Berkeley and throughout the state;
  2. To disseminate research findings to the broader community of scholars, citizens and younger students; and
  3. To provide a community for students and faculty who share a European focus to their work.

Research Goals:

  • To initiate and sponsor faculty and graduate student research on Europe, focusing on thematic areas and current issues.
  • To initiate and sponsor conferences, colloquia, workshops and lectures to disseminate that research.
  • To bring together European and American scholars in order to encourage the exchange of ideas and lasting cooperation.
  • To maintain a "Working Paper" series to distribute the research results. 

Scholarly Training & Development Goals:

  • To train, support, and nurture research of young scholars, including undergraduate and graduate students as well as students of professional schools.
  • To develop new courses in a variety of disciplines that favor innovative approaches to the study of Europe and European languages.
  • To coordinate and integrate the diverse educational resources throughout the UC system and its distinct schools, departments, programs, and institutes in order to support faculty and students in their quests to understand Europe of today, yesterday, and tomorrow.
  • To extend the range of research tools available to scholar, students, and the public which include enhancement of the UC libraries' existing collections and enable future acquisitions.

Community Outreach goals:

  • To create a diversified forum of exchange; one that extends beyond the borders of the academy and embraces the community.
  • To promote cultural ties with governments and peoples of Europe.
  • To conduct off-campus educational opportunities to deepen the American understanding of Europe.

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