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The French Studies Program at UC Berkeley

Thanks to the generosity and the support of the Cultural Service of the French Embassy in Washington and the Institute of European Studies, the French Studies Program has been established at the University of California, Berkeley.

The program organizes lectures scholarly visits, and conferences (see our calendar) involving France and the French tradition(s) across the disciplines of the Humanities and the Social Sciences.

In addition to the French Department, Berkeley has significant concentrations of faculty engaged in work on France in the departments of History, History of Art, Music, Comparative Literature, Anthropology, and Political Science. These scholars continue a long and distinguished Berkeley tradition of interdisciplinary study of things French. They provide an important pedagogical and scholarly resource at both the graduate and the undergraduate levels, for students working on France and Francophonie

Beyond the UC Berkeley campus, the French Studies Program helps coordinate programs and activities for faculty and graduate students and for members of the Bay Area community committed to the investigation of French society, culture, literature, science, and the arts.


Michael Wintroub
Professor of Rhetoric, Chair


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Calendar of Activities and Events

Affiliated Faculty

French Resources at Berkeley

Courses Related to France and Francophonie at Berkeley

Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the US

French Embassy in the US

Alliance Française in San Francisco


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The French Studies Program is affiliated with the Institute of European Studies. The French Studies Program is not directly affiliated with the France-Berkeley Fund. Copyright © 2011 UC Regents. All rights reserved.
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