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Senior Fellow, Institute of European Studies


Zachary Shore is Associate Professor of History at the Naval Postgraduate School, and a Senior Fellow at the Institute of European Studies, University of California, Berkeley. He earned his doctorate in modern history at Oxford, performed postdoctoral research at Harvard, and held a fellowship at Stanford’s Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences.

Professor Shore is a historian of international conflict whose research focuses on foreign policy decision making. His research interests include: 20th-Century International History, Late Modern Europe, Interwar Era Germany, Islam in Europe, Strategy and Policy.

His books include:

Grad School Essentials: A Crash Course in Scholarly Skills. University of California Press, 2016.

A Sense of the Enemy: The High-Stakes History of Reading Your Rival’s Mind. Oxford University Press, 2014.

Blunder: Why Smart People Make Bad Decisions. Bloomsbury, 2008.

Breeding Bin Ladens: America, Islam, and the Future of Europe. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2006.

What Hitler Knew: The Battle for Information in Nazi Foreign Policy. New York: Oxford University Press, 2003.

For more on his work, see 

What Hitler KnewBreeding Bin LadensBlunderA Sense of the EnemyA Sense of the Enemy

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