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IES engages undergraduate students at UC Berkeley in a variety of ways:

Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship in European Studies

IES offers an Undergraduate Apprenticeship every semester through the UC Berkeley URAP program. Student apprentices have the opportunity to interact with distinguished scholars, diplomats and journalists while conducting research and assisting in the organization of IES events. Tasks include:

  • Acting as a student ambassador for IES events and activities

  • Writing blog posts and event reports

  • Managing IES social media presence

  • Interviewing guest speakers and visiting scholars

  • Editing the bi-annual IES newsletter

  • Researching student groups and current courses for targeted invitations and cross-publicity

  • Researching scholarly activities of IES core faculty

  • Conducting archival research and compiling data

A strong interest in European Studies and knowledge of at least one European language other than English is required. Learn more and apply here.

Undergraduate Conference on the European Union

IES supports the annual Claremont-UC Undergraduate Research Conference on the EU, held at Scripps College. Drawing over 50 students annually from campuses across the nation, it is the only known forum for undergraduates to share research on the EU. Its primary purpose is to enhance undergraduate training in and knowledge of the European Union and US/European relations, and to foster collaboration with fellow students and international faculty.

The conference is open to all undergraduates in California, and Berkeley is always well represented. For more information and to apply, contact IES Associate Director Akasemi Newsome (

EU Student Ambassadors

Sponsored by IES and funded by the European Union, the EU Ambassadors is a student-run group that promotes shared interests in European culture, society and politics and organizes an annual undergraduate research conference at Berkeley.

Undergraduate Education

The interdisciplinary Global Studies Major allows undergraduates to specialize in European Studies.

Students may also apply for Foreign Language and Area Studies awards, internships, and grants to participate in exchange programs with European universities. Visit our grants page for a complete list of opportunities.

Study Abroad

Study abroad is an unparalleled way of experiencing Europe during your time at UC Berkeley. By engaging firsthand with European people and cultures, you will be able to expand your understanding of European history, language, and contemporary issues, while enriching your studies in new and dynamic ways.

IES supports the annual Travel Study Course to the Netherlands and Belgium, where students visit the European Parliament and study the EU.

UC Berkeley also offers study, research, and internship programs in Europe to students from all majors. Summer, semester, and year-long study programs are available, and most programs do not require any language prerequisites.


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