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Fall 2020 Undergraduate Research Apprentices


Ayne Therese Aguilos is a fourth-year undergraduate majoring in Political Science. She hopes to pursue a career in either the foreign service or law.






V CarpioViktoriya Carpio is a junior studying History and Latin. She is also a US Army veteran and is currently serving in the US Air Force.






Davit Gasparyan is a Senior studying Political Science and French. His interests include politics of European integration, Eastern European politics and conflict studies. He hopes to advance his perspectives on European culture and politics through his work at the IES.





Evan GongEvan Gong is an undergraduate who is majoring in Political Economy and German. He is particularly interested in European history, culture, and politics and enjoys learning foreign languages. This is his fourth semester at the IES.





Alex Kaplan is a third year undergraduate student studying political science. Alex is interested in exploring and disseminating emerging developments and long-term trends in geopolitics and international business, with a particular interest in how such developments impact capital markets, foreign investment, trade, and M&A activity in the US, China, and the Eurozone. Prior to joining IES, Alex was a research assistant at the Berkeley APEC Study Center.




Melina Kompella is majoring in political science and economics with a minor in forestry. She speaks Greek, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian, and is interested in European and international environmental policy. This is her sixth semester working with the IES.





Samantha Miller is a senior studying Human Geography with a minor in English. After studying abroad in Bordeaux, Sam is excited to learn more about European scholarship and further her French during her first semester as an apprentice with the Institute of European Studies.





Kim Pape is a current freshman at Berkeley intending to major in Psychology with a minor in German. Though born in Los Angeles, she greatly values her German heritage and is looking forward to participating in the work done at IES. When not attending classes or studying, Kim enjoys making jewelry for the online shop she owns with her girlfriend.






William Roddy is a second year student double majoring in Human Geography and Interdisciplinary Studies Field. He is originally from the Bay Area and briefly lived in Spain before coming to Berkeley.




Nikki Schroeder is a fourth year student at UC Berkeley studying German. Her topics of interest include literature, poetry, and media studies. This is her second semester with the Institute.





Victoria Struys is completing a major in Political Science and a minor in history. She is interested in late European history, European integration, and conflicts and diplomacy. Victoria joined the IES because she wanted to deepen her knowledge on Europe.



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