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Stefan-Ludwig Hoffmann

Stefan-Ludwig Hoffmann

Associate Professor of History

Past & Present coverI have authored, edited or co-edited several books including Seeking Peace in the Wake of War: Europe, 1943-1947, Human Rights in the Twentieth Century, Demokratie im Schatten der Gewalt: Geschichten des Privaten im deutschen Nachkrieg, Politics of Sociability: Freemasonry and German Civil Society, 1840-1918 and Civil Society, 1750-1914.

In 2016, I published “Human Rights and History” in the journal, Past and Present. Currently in progress are two books: a short history of human rights and a monograph on Berlin in the 1940s, as it went from capital of the Nazi Empire to shattered metropolis of the Cold War. Recently, I have been involved in organizing conferences and collaborative publications on post-catastrophic cities, Europe in the 1940s, human rights, social rights, socialist internationalism, Begriffsgeschichte and German photography.

Institute of European Studies
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