Stanley H. Brandes

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Stanley H. Brandes

Professor of Anthropology

Stanley Brandes is Professor of Anthropology at the University of California, Berkeley.  For more than four decades, he has conducted fieldwork in the Iberian Peninsula, Mexico, and the United States.  His principal areas of investigation include folklore, visual anthropology, popular religion, and the cultural dimensions of food and drink. Professor Brandes is the author of six books and over 150 articles, book chapters, and brief reviews and communications.

He has lived and worked in both rural and urban settings and believes that, whether writing about Spain, Mexico, or the United States, his work is grounded in direct observations of a given people and reflects a sensitivity to regional, ethnic, class, and gender diversity. He believes strongly in the ethnographic field tradition.

Institute of European Studies
207 Moses Hall, #2316
University of California
Berkeley, CA  94720-2316

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