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Matt Beech
Director, Centre for British Politics / Reader, School of Law and Politics, University of Hull
Dr. Matt Beech is founding Director of the Centre for British Politics and Reader in Politics in the School of Law and Politics at the University of Hull.

Professor of History, Northeastern University
Timothy Scott Brown is Professor of History at Northeastern University. He is a Fellow of the American Council of Learned Societies for 2016-17, and a Berlin Prize Fellow of the American Academy in Berlin (Fall 2016). He is currently working on a new monograph entitled The Greening of Cold War Germany: Environmentalism and Social Movements across the Wall and Beyond, 1968-1989. The book examines the rise of environmental social movements in the two halves of divided Germany from the upheaval of 1968 through the fall of the Berlin Wall and its aftermath.

Instructor, De Anza College
Chris Jackson is an instructor at De Anza College in Cupertino and a Senior Fellow at the Institute of European Studies, U.C. Berkeley. Previously he has taught at UC Davis, UC Berkeley, and San Francisco State University. He was raised in California, and received his Bachelor’s degree in history from the University of California at Berkeley.

Professor, Fromm Institute, University of San Francisco
David Clay Large is currently a professor at the Fromm Institute, University of San Francisco, and a Senior Fellow at the Institute of European Studies, U.C. Berkeley.  Previously he has taught at Berkeley, Smith College, Montana State University, and Yale University, where he was also Dean of Pierson College.

Senior Fellow
Allan Little was born in South West Scotland and studied Politics and Modern History at the University of Edinburgh (MA, 1982). He joined the BBC in 1983 and has been an on-air correspondent since 1985, specialising in foreign affairs since 1989.
He reported the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe in 1989. He covered the first Golf War from the Iraqi capital Baghdad in 1990 and 1991. He then spent four years, from 1991-1995 reporting the breakup of Yugoslavia, where he co-authoroed (with Laura Silber) a book on the conflict (Death of Yugoslavia, Penguin, 1995).

Professor of Law, University of Tuebingen
Martin Nettesheim is currently a professor of law at the University of Tuebingen Law School in Germany. He serves as head of the Tuebingen University Center for International Economic Law. Previously he has taught at Free University in Berlin and at Potsdam University Law School. He is Member of the Board of the European Law Institute, Co-Chair of the Gesellschaft für Rechtspolitik (GfR) and served as Secretary General of the Societas Iuris Publici Europaei (SIPE). He served as Dean of Tuebingen University Law School.

Senior Fellow
Ludvig Norman earned his PhD in Political Science at Uppsala University. He is currently Research Fellow at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs, Lecturer at Uppsala University and Senior Fellow at the Institute of European Studies at UC Berkeley. His research interests include European politics, democratic responses to populism and extremism, the European Union and its institutions and, more broadly, the dynamics of international governance institutions.

Kevin Orr
Senior Fellow / Professor of Leadership and Governance, University of St Andrews, UK
Kevin Orr is a Senior Fellow in the Institute for European Studies. He is Professor of Leadership and Governance at the University of St Andrews, UK. Orr is a Fulbright Scholar and was hosted by the IES and the Center for British Studies at UC Berkeley as a Visiting Scholar in 2017-2018. During that time he led collaborative projects on political leadership and governance, austerity and crisis, and on several public policy areas. Orr is a recipient of the Louis Brownlow Prize from the American Society for Public Administration for work on academic-practitioner collaborative research.

Senior Fellow
Spero Paravantes is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Luxembourg, Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C2DH). At C2DH, he is part of the Contemporary History of Europe research axis, which examines the historical dynamics of acceleration and change in Europe in the 20th and 21st centuries. The research axis also reflects upon the wider international and historical context of European Integration, in particular the Cold War.

Senior Fellow
Azita Raji is an American diplomat, banker, and philanthropist. She was nominated by President Obama in 2014 to serve as the United States ambassador to Sweden. She was the first female U.S. ambassador to Sweden, and the first Iranian-born American to serve as a U.S. ambassador. In 2016, Ambassador Raji was nominated for State Department’s highest award for a non-career ambassador, the Sue M. Cobb Prize for Exemplary Diplomatic Service. She has published articles on diplomacy and foreign policy, including in Newsweek and Foreign Policy.


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