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Renate Holub

Adjunct Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies

Renate Holub directed the Interdisciplinary Studies Field Major (ISF) for over a dozen years. In its context, she developed courses on Multicultural Europe, with a focus on Islam in Europe. She also taught courses on Critical Social and Political Theory, Feminism, and Women in Europe. For the Center of German and European Studies, she directed IRAS (Italian Research and Study Program) from 1992-2002, where she organized weekly seminars on Italian culture, society, and politics in a global framework. She is an internationally-recognized Gramsci scholar, and has published on Italian and European intellectual history, feminism, and political philosophy. Her Antonio Gramsci. Beyond Marxism and Postmodernism has been translated into Farsi and Korean. Her new book, Vico and the Cosmopolitan Foundations of Human Rights: Beyond Grotius and Kant will appear with Routledge. At present, she is collaborating with the Philosophy Institute Research Group of the Spanish National Research Council in Madrid, Spain on the international research project Human Rights in the Age of Migration and with the Gramsci Foundation in Rome, Italy on the project Hegemony and Modernity: Gramsci’s Thought in Italy and in International Culture

Institute of European Studies
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University of California
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