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K-12 and K-14

IES partially funds the work of the Office of Resources for International and Area Studies (ORIAS). ORIAS’ mission is to develop and strengthen ties between IES and other Berkeley NRCs and K-14 schools and educators. Through its website, newsletter, and workshops, ORIAS disseminates information about events and resources on international topics to California K-14 teachers. Since its inception in 1996, the office has been dedicated to providing scholarly resources and supporting professional development for K-14 and community college teachers addressing international studies. It provides the most comprehensive curricular materials for internationalizing the curriculum for K-14 teachers at UC Berkeley. Among the resources available from ORIAS are curricular materials, web resource lists, guest speakers, and electronic mentors. IES supports teacher workshops and seminars for the ORIAS Working Group Series, the development of curricular materials for the ORIAS classroom resource website, and ORIAS’ Summer Institutes. For more, go to ORIAS.

IES is now initiating two new K-12 training projects. First, the NRCs together will establish a new partnership with the California Social Science History Project (CSSP) to fund professional development workshops for high school teachers. While UC Berkeley, by design of the California Master Plan, does not credential teachers through the Graduate School of Education, we will partner with its largest teacher training program, CHSSP, to train teachers in international subject matter consistent with state standards. While the CHSSP has a long record of success in training teachers to develop history curriculum, we will expand the focus to topics in European Studies. Each year of the grant period, the partnership will organize four workshops for teachers, each treating a particular standard through a different geographical lens, one of which will be European. Each workshop will feature an academic expert presentation and a model lesson developed by a teacher, with a session to analyze the instructional strategies embedded in that lesson. By the end of 2018, the project will yield 12 new curriculum units posted online, in all world areas, with four in European Studies. 


In the second new initiative, IES will collaborate with the San José State University School of Education to offer a teaching credential in both Spanish and Portuguese. Currently SJSU offers credentialing in Spanish, but demand for Portuguese is rising in High Schools, thanks in part to IES recruitment efforts.  IES will support teachers who wish to be credentialed in Portuguese. Deolinda Adão, coordinator of IES’ Portuguese Studies Program, is coordinating the creation of this program.

Community Colleges and Minority-Serving Institutions

Together with other National Resource Centers on Campus, IES is creating a Partnership with the Peralta Community College District  (Berkeley City College-BCC, College of Alameda, Laney College, and Merritt College) during 2014-18. The initiative is called the Partnership for International Education (PIE), and it will build a sustained, collaborative relationship between the IES and the Peralta Colleges.

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