Luso-American Financial Program for Luso-American Studies

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Endowment Agreement for the naming of the Luso-American Financial –A Fraternal Benefit Society Portuguese-American Studies Program at the Center for Portuguese Studies in the Institute of European Studies, University of California, Berkeley was signed during Spring of 2017.

The main objectives of the program are be the following:

  • Promote Research and encourage the study of the Portuguese-American experience,
  • Collaborate with Portuguese and Portuguese-American institutions in the United States and Portugal,
  • Collaborate with scholars researching the Portuguese-American communities,
  • Inform Portuguese Youth and Portuguese-American youth about UCB, including funding opportunities through the Pinto/Fialon Fund,
  • Promote a yearly Portuguese-Youth Day @ Cal,
  • Support the maintenance and continuation of the Portuguese Oral History Project at the Bancroft Library,
  • Support the augmentation of the Portuguese-American collection at the UCB Library system,
  • Create awareness among Portuguese and Portuguese-American Students at UCB and encourage them to take advantage of the different opportunities available under the Pinto/Fialon fund,
  • Sponsor a Luso-American Education Foundation Conference on Education at least once every four years,
  • Establish a Portuguese/Portuguese American Student Group at UCB.

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