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Ludvig Norman

Senior Fellow

Ludvig Norman is Associate Senior Lecturer in Political Science at Stockholm University as well as Senior Fellow at the Institute of European Studies at UC Berkeley. He earned his PhD in Political Science at Uppsala University. His research interests include European politics, populism and extremism, the European Union and its institutions and, more broadly, the dynamics of international governance institutions.

In a current project, Norman considers the political reactions to populism at the European level, with a specific focus on the European Parliament. Relatedly, Norman studies recent efforts to strengthen EU democracy through regulations of European political parties. The study ties into questions regarding the limits of democratic political orders and theories of militant democracy, engaging with these questions in the context of an international political order like the EU. Norman’s recent publications on this topic have appeared in Political Studies and European Journal of Social Theory.

Norman’s work also includes research on the institutional and policy aspects of the European Union. Studying substantive policy areas such as the EUs foreign and security policies and European judicial cooperation, he has authored the book The Mechanisms of Institutional Conflict in the European Union (Routledge, 2017). Other work on these and related issues have appeared in the European Journal of International RelationsJournal of European Public Policy, and Cooperation and Conflict.

For more information about Norman’s work, please click on the journal names or visit his homepage at the Department of Political Science, Stockholm University




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