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In November 2016, the Toronto Royal Conservatory of Music ARC Ensemble acknowledged IES for its use of IES Senior Fellow Carla Shapreau’s research on the Austrian Copyright Society and Blacklisting During the Nazi Era for the film EXIT:music. You can see this research here  and watch a trailer of the film here.

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In October 2016, former IES visiting scholar Vincent Rzepka (political scientist at the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin) published an article in the online journal KIB about “Transparency and the TTIP negotiations.” You can read a .pdf of the report.

In September 2016, the Austrian journalist Michael Freund was a guest at IES and published in the Austrian newspaper Der Standard an article on the importance of Mario Savio for the current student population in Berkeley. You can read the article on Der Standard's website.

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In August 2016, IES Director Jeroen Dewulf was interviewed in the South Korean Radio Program “This Morning” on Islam in Europe. You can listen to the interview courtesy of iTunes.

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In August 2016, IES visiting scholar Ludvig Norman (Uppsala University, Sweden) published a new book on The Mechanisms of Institutional Conflict in the European Union. You can read more on the book's flyer.

In August 2016, the journal Foreign Policy published two articles by IES senior fellow David Large on the history of the Olympics. You can read the the first, examining historical aspects, and the second, on inherent tribalism, on Foreign Policy's website.

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In June 2016, IES affiliated professor Daniel Kammen and his team of researchers at the UC Berkeley Energy and Resources Group presented their Energy Roadmap for Southeast Europe. You can read the report in full.

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In June 2016, the journal Central European History published a review on the latest book of IES Senior Fellow David Large. It is available through Cambridge University Press.

In June 2016, IES affiliated faculty member Barry Eichengreen discussed the Brexit referendum at the Commonwealth Club and wrote an article on the topic. His work can be viewed on YouTube and read about on the Berkeley Blog.

In June 2016, Matthias Fekl, the French Minister of State for Foreign Trade, the Promotion of Tourism and Nationals Abroad, visited UC Berkeley at the invitation of the IES French Studies Program. You can read about his visit from the French Consulate and in the Daily Californian.


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