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Entries prior to the Fall 2016 semester represent a small portion of events held. For a full list of events, see each semester's newsletter.

Mar 08

March 13, 2018: IC² staff and program participants from Sweden pose for a group picture at the Scandinavia House with Austin Technology Incubator director Mitch Jacobson, Director of the Bureau of Business Research J. Bruce Kellison, and IC² Deputy Executive Director Gregory Pogue.


In March, IES partnered with the University of Texas at Austin’s Center for European Studies and IC² Institute to enhance collaboration between European companies and local business experts at this year’s South by Southwest Festival (SXSW) in Austin, Texas. 

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Mar 07

Barry McCrea with Catherine Flynn (Associate Director, Irish Studies Program / Associate Professor of English)

The Novel and the Irish Language: Traditions and Divergences

by Davit Gasparyan and Melina Kompella

On March 7, the Irish Studies Program at IES, in cooperation with the Department of English, was honored to welcome Barry McCrea, novelist, scholar, and professor at the University of Notre Dame, for his lecture entitled “Language Change and Narrative Form from Ó Cadhain to Ferrante.” Speaking in front of an audience of 25, McCrea discussed the Irish language and its struggles to establish a tradition of the realist novel.

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Mar 07

IES Director Jeroen Dewulf with Dariusz Adamski

The Economic Roots of European Populism

by Davit Gasparyan

On March 7, the IES was honored to welcome Dariusz Adamski, professor of law at the University of Wrocław, Poland, for a presentation titled “European Economic Integration and Populism: Foes or Allies?” Centered on the current rise of populism and its relation to European economic integration, the lecture shed a unique light on the phenomenon of populism and how certain countries may be more prone to its rise than others.

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Mar 06

Jekaterina Novikova (IES EU Fellow, 2018-19)

From Research to Market: Horizon EU, 2021-2027

by Ella Smith

On Wednesday, March 6, Jekaterina Novikova, the IES’s 2018-19 EU Fellow, delivered a presentation titled, “The Future of the European Research via the lenses of the Horizon EU R&I program 2021-2027.” As Innovation Policy Coordinator at the European Commission, Novikova spoke to the audience of 20 about her leadership with Horizon EU, a European research and innovation program. Her research project at IES focuses on what the EU can learn from the US in terms of bringing academic research to market.

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Mar 05

Professor David Oppenheimer (Berkeley Law) with Eva Anduiza

Spain and #MeToo

by Alison Spencer

On March 5, IES and the UC Berkeley School of Law welcomed Eva Anduiza (Professor of Political Science, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) for a lecture on the #MeToo movement and women’s protest in Spain.

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Mar 04

IES Associate Director Akasemi Newsome with Maartje Van Der Woude

The Rise of “Crimmigration”: Securitization of Migration in Europe

by Danielle Miller

On March 4, in conjunction with the Berkeley Interdisciplinary Migration Initiative and GHI West, IES was pleased to welcome Law and Society Professor Maartje van der Woude of Leiden University (Netherlands) for her lecture, “Securitization of Migration and Racial Sorting in Fortress Europe.” Van der Woude began by outlining the Schengen acquis, which incorporates Schengen Area rules (abolition of internal border and passport checks) into EU law. However, Van der Woude revealed through her research— grounded in both a close analysis of Schengen Border Code and field work at border checkpoints— that the Schengen goal of openness and the EU principle of free movement are not fully implemented in practice by EU member states.

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Mar 01

St. Andrews Society Board members David McCrossan, David Campbell, and Francesca McCrossan with IES Director Jeroen Dewulf

Scottish Studies at IES

In March 2019, IES and the St. Andrews Society of San Francisco established a partnership to lay the foundations for a Scottish Studies Program. The Program will support to exchange of graduate students between UC Berkeley and the University of St. Andrews as well as the organization of an annual “Scotland Lecture". This year's speaker of the "Scotland Lecture" is BBC journalist Allan Little, who will present on the topic "Brexit, Britain, Scotland: The Future of the UK" on April 4.

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Feb 28

Participants in the Global Commons workshop

Berkeley Global Commons Workshop

by Melina Kompella

On Thursday, February 28 and Friday, March 1, the IES hosted a workshop on the Global Commons, co-organized by IES Associate Director Akasemi Newsome and Marianne Riddervold (Professor at of Inland University of Applied Sciences, Norway and IES Senior Fellow).

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Feb 28

Stefan Ludwig-Hoffmann (Department of History, UC Berkeley) with Kiran Klaus Patel

Project Europe

by Evan Gong

On February 28, IES was delighted to welcome Professor Kiran Klaus Patel of Maastricht University, who delivered a captivating lecture on his upcoming book, Project Europe: A New History of the European Union. Patel offered the audience a rich historical analysis of concrete effects and results of European integration since 1945, as well as what Europeans can learn from the past to gain better insight into present-day challenges.

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Feb 27

Visiting Scholar Markus Hinterleitner with IES DIrector Jeroen Dewulf

From the Boxing Ring to the Political Stage: “Rope-A-Dope Politics”

by Danielle Miller

On February 27, IES hosted political scientist and visiting scholar Markus Hinterleitner from the University of Bern for a lecture entitled “Rope-A-Dope Politics and the Erosion of Democratic Norms.” Hinterleitner’s research seeks to zoom in on the democratic norm-erosion process by mapping it as a mechanistic, step-by-step sequence of concerted choices taken by norm-violators and norm-defenders, rather than just a symptom of broader political and social trends in society. 

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