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Entries prior to the Fall 2016 semester represent a small portion of events held. For a full list of events, see each semester's newsletter.

Apr 10

Dr. Birgit Urmson

Cultural Memory and WWII Cemeteries in Italy

by Evan Gong

On April 10, the IES was delighted to welcome Birgit Urmson, who delivered a captivating lecture to an audience of 30 on the cultural perspectives of German and U.S. Second World War Soldiers’ Cemeteries in Italy. An art historian, Urmson concentrated particularly on cemeteries in Italy because the nation was both friend and foe of the Axis and Allied powers, but chose the winning side in 1943. She not only analyzed the purpose of these cemeteries, which was to offer meaning and remembrance of soldiers’ sacrifices, but also offered insight into how these cemeteries reflected political ideologies and the international order following World War II.

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Apr 09

Fatima El-Tayeb (UC San Diego)

Artistic Responses to Europe’s Refugee Crisis

by Julia Zimring

On April 9, Fatima El-Tayeb, professor of Literature and Ethnic Studies at the University of California, San Diego, shared her work with an audience of 25 at the Institute of European Studies. Her presentation, entitled “Europe’s “Refugee Crisis” and the Colonial Archive: Is Art Universal?,” explored the connections between Germany’s colonial legacy, the current refugee crisis, and the idea of the “universal museum.”

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Apr 05
Still from "Fear Eats the Soul (Angst essen Seele auf)" (Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Germany, 1974)

Still from "Fear Eats the Soul (Angst essen Seele auf)" (Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Germany, 1974)

IES Migration Film Series Launch: Gehen | Bleiben (To stay or go)

by Isabel Richter
On April 5, 2019, IES, launched a film series on migration: Gehen - Bleiben (To stay or go). The film series focused on the everyday life of migrants and migrants in the making. 

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Apr 04

Allan Little with IES Director Jeroen Dewulf

The Future of the UK After Brexit

by Davit Gasparyan and Danielle Miller

On April 4, IES was pleased to welcome journalist and former BBC correspondent Allan Little for an engaging lecture on “Brexit, Britain, Scotland: The Future of the UK.” The event, co-sponsored by the St. Andrew’s Society of San Francisco, the Center for British Studies, and the Anglo-American Studies Program, attracted a broad audience of over 100 students, faculty, and community members.

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Apr 03

US Poet Laureate Robert Hass

The Poetry of Tomas Tranströmer. A Reading by Robert Hass

by Chihiro Kajiura and Evan Gong

On April 3, the Institute of European Studies, in coordination with the Nordic Studies Program and the Department of English, held a performance-based presentation and reading of the poems of Swedish Nobel laureate Tomas Tranströmer.

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Apr 02

From left: Akasemi Newsome (IES Associate Director), Andrea Westermann (Research Fellow & Head of Office, GHI West), Sven Reichardt (University of Konstanz), and Professor Stefan Ludwig-Hoffman (UC Berkeley)

Global Fascisms in the 1930s and 1940s

by Davit Gasparyan and Alison Spencer

On April 2, IES, GHI-West, and the Department of History welcomed Professor Sven Reichardt (University of Konstanz, Germany) for a lecture entitled “Fascism’s Global Moments: New Perspectives on Entanglements and Tensions between Fascist Regimes in the 1930s and 1940s.” Drawing on historical works, Reichardt’s talk examined the global character of fascism through three different lenses, focusing on global moments of fascism, brokerage between major and minor fascisms, and collaboration between fascist empires.

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Apr 01

From left: IES Director Jeroen Dewulf, Carlo Monticelli, and Barry Eichengreen (Professor of Economics and Political Science, UC Berkeley)

Europe and Global Governance

by Davit Gasparyan and Ella Smith

On April 1, the Institute for European Studies, in cooperation with the Department of Economics, welcomed Carlo Monticelli, the Deputy Director of the Council of the European Development Bank. Monticelli’s talk, drawing on his recently published book, “Reforming Global Economic Governance: An Unsettled Order,” explored the contrast between Europe’s small influence and its economic might.

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Mar 24
Michael Baum addresses the Bay Area Portuguese community

Professor Michael Baum addresses the Bay Area Portuguese community

EU Electoral Participation for Luso-American Voters

On March 24, 2019, Michael Baum (Professor of Political Science at the Catholic University of Lisbon) addressed a group of members of the Portuguese Community, young investors and entrepreneurs, and members of several political alliance groups on the social and financial development of the European Union. His talk, titled "The Importance of European Parliament Electoral Participation for the Luso-American Voter,"  took place at the Bancroft Hotel in Berkeley, CA.

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Mar 22

Beverly Crawford Ames with IES Senior Fellow David Large

Migration Politics in a Post-Truth Environment

by Evan Gong

On Friday, March 22, the Institute was pleased to host Professor Emerita and former IES Associate Director Beverly Crawford Ames, who delivered a lecture titled “Lies about Migrants: Comparing U.S. and German Migration Politics in a Post-Truth Environment.” Analyzing migration policy and politics, Crawford Ames described the responsibilities of the US in accepting refugees and immigrants. She also noted statistics that overwhelmingly demonstrated the social and economic benefits brought about by immigration.

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Mar 22

Participants of “Between the Lines: Tradition and Plasticity in Ana Hatherly” 

Portuguese Studies Conference: Cataloguing Ana Hatherly

by Alison Spencer

On March 22, thirty scholars gathered at IES for the symposium “Between the Lines: Tradition and Plasticity in Ana Hatherly,” held as part of the 43rd Annual Education Conference of the Luso-American Education Foundation. Various presentations discussed the work of Ana Hatherly (1929-2015), a Portuguese visual artist, poet, scholar, and filmmaker recognized as a pioneer of experimental poetry and literature, who earned a doctorate in Hispanic Studies from UC Berkeley in 1986. The event was sponsored by the Institute of European Studies, the Center for Portuguese Studies, Ana Hatherly Camões Institute Catedra, the Camões Institute, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, the Luso-American Education Foundation, and the European Union Center.

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