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Entries prior to the Fall 2016 semester represent a small portion of events held. For a full list of events, see each semester's newsletter.

Oct 10

Timothy Scott Brown (Northeastern University / IES Senior Fellow)

Fascism Then and Now

by Julia Zimring

On October 10, Timothy Scott Brown (Professor of History at Northeastern University and Senior Fellow at the Institute of European Studies) delivered a lecture titled “Fascism Then and Now: Some Theoretical and Practical Reflections.” Brown, who has written on a variety of topics such as West Germany, media, counterculture, and subversive politics, drew on both historical and current examples to help define the concept of fascism. Following his lecture, Brown and the audience of 30 engaged in an stimulating discussion.

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Oct 09

Martina Kessel (Bielefeld University) with Stefan-Ludwig Hoffmann (Department of History, UC Berkeley)

Performing Germanness: Laughter and Violence in Nazi Germany

by Lillie Vogt

On October 9th, IES and GHI-West were pleased to host Martina Kessel (Professor of Modern German History at Bielefeld University) for a lecture on the significance of humor as an identity practice during the time of National Socialism in Germany. Addressed to an audience of 40 students, faculty and community members, the lecture was centered around Kessel’s forthcoming book titled Gewalt und Gelächter. “Deutschsein” 1914-1945 (Laughter and Violence. ‘Being German’ 1914-1945).

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Oct 04

Left to right: Caroline Simard, Kellie McElhaney, and Ruth Cotter discuss the gender pay gap

Oct 04

Peter Dabrock (German Ethics Council) addresses the audience at the Berkeley School of Law

Big Data, Ethics, and Individual Freedom

By Maddi Erdall & Ani Hakobyan

On October 4, 2018, the Berkeley Institute of European Studies, the Miller Institute for Global Challenges & the Law, the Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity, and the School of Information hosted Peter Dabrock (Chair of the German Ethics Council) for a lecture on “Freedom and Ethics in the Era of Big Data” for an audience of 80 people. As a Protestant theologian and Chair of Systematic Theology at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Dabrock was able to provide a unique take on this controversial topic.

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Oct 03

IES Associate Director Akasemi Newsome with speakers Douglas Biow (UT Austin) and Henrike Lange (UC Berkeley)

Vasari's Words: A book chat with Douglas Biow

by Julia Zimring

On Wednesday, October 3rd, the Institute of European Studies welcomed Douglas Biow (Superior Oil Company-Linward Shivers Centennial Professor in Medieval and Renaissance Studies at the University of Texas at Austin). Before an audience of 30, Biow discussed his latest book, Vasari's Words: The "Lives of the Artists" as a History of Ideas in the Italian Renaissance, published in September 2018 by Cambridge University Press. The conversation was moderated by Henrike Lange (Assistant Professor of Italian Studies and History of Art at UC Berkeley).

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Oct 02

Andrea Westermann (Research Fellow & Head of Office, GHI-West) with Uwe Luebken (Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich)

Environmental Change and Migration in Historical Perspective

by Sophia Kownatzki and Alison Spencer

On October 2, 2018, the Institute of European Studies and GHI-West welcomed Uwe Lübken (Professor of American History at Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich) for a presentation on his three-year project “Climates of Migration.” The project centers on the concept of environmental migration, which is defined as migration prompted by environmental change. As the term is relatively new, Lübken examined historical examples to try and gain perspective on environmental migration. His research was also inspired by the current debates about migration and displacement caused by natural disasters.

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Sep 25

August Thiry (Thomas More College, Belgium) and IES Director Jeroen Dewulf

King Albert's Heroes: Belgian Armored Cars on the Frontlines of WWI

by Sophia Kownatzki

On Tuesday, September 25th, August Thiry (writer-lecturer at Thomas More College in Mechelen, Belgium) delivered a lecture titled after his book recently translated into English, King Albert's Heroes: How four hundred young Belgians fought in Russia and conquered the United States. Thiry took the audience of 25 on the extended journey of Belgium’s first armored car unit during World War I with a collection of 80 original photographs taken by members of the unit.

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Sep 21

IES guest speaker Dr. Andreas Raspotnik on the Berkeley campus

The EU's Arctic Endeavor

by Ani Hakobyan and Jianwen Xu

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Sep 14

IES Senior Fellow Matt Beech's new book on the British Labour Party

Sep 13

IES Senior Fellow Matt Beech presents on Brexit

Brexit's Diverging Pathways

By Davit Gasparyan and Sophia Kownatzki


On September 13, the Institute was pleased to welcome Matt Beech (​IES Senior Fellow, Senior Lecturer and Director of the Centre for British Politics at the University of Hull) who delivered a lively lecture for an audience of 30 on what he called the current central issue for European and British Politics: Brexit. In a presentation entitled “A View From Britain: Towards Brexit?”, Beech not only discussed the background on the 2016 referendum, but also emphasized that the vote was motivated by the underlying question of who the English are and what kind of England they want to build.


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