G. Mathias Kondolf

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G. Mathias Kondolf

Professor of Environmental Planning

G. Mathias Kondolf is Professor of Environmental Planning in UC Berkeley’s College of Environmental Design, where he teaches courses in hydrology, river restoration, and environmental science.  With a background in fluvial geomorphology, he conducts research on human-river interactions, with emphasis on managing flood-prone lands, urban rivers, managing sediment in rivers and reservoirs and optimizing dam planning at the river basin scale, managing waters in Mediterranean-climate landscapes, and river restoration. He has provided expert testimony on these topics before the US Congress, the California legislature, California Water Resources Control Board, International Court of Justice and Permanent Court of Arbitration (the Hague), US Supreme Court and other legal proceedings in the US.  He has served on National Academy of Science panels, the Calfed Ecosystem Restoration Science Board, and the Environmental Advisory Board to the Chief of the US Army Corps of Engineers, and as Clarke Scholar at the Institute for Water Resources of the US Army Corps.  Professor Kondolf has led eight workshops on environmental issues in Portugal since 2004, and analyzed the vulnerability to sea level rise of the San Francisco and Lisbon estuaries. 

Institute of European Studies
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