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PSP supports the academic community through funding and coordination of a rich set of resources:


Bachelor of Arts in Portuguese

Undergraduate candidates may choose to major or minor in Luso-Brazilian language and literature through the Department of Spanish & Portuguese.

Master's Degree

Candidates with undergraduate backgrounds in Portuguese language may puruse degrees in Hispanic languages and literature with emphasis in Luso-Brazilian studies.

Doctor of Philosophy

PhD candidates in Hispanic languages and literatures may pursue dissertation research in Luso-Brazilian literature.

Other Programs

Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral students in other programs often focus on portuguese-related topics and can benefit from PSP grants.


Currently seven regular Portuguese language courses are offered at four different levels of proficiency, and two on Portuguese literature and culture (an introductory survey and Portuguese cinema). Other departments offer courses that have focused on Portuguese topics. In 2006, PSP facilitated a new summer course in the cities of Porto and Lisbon. The project is a cooperative effort between PSP, UC Berkeley Summer Programs Abroad, Universidade do Porto, and Universidade Lusofona of Lisbon.


Spring Term

Course times and content vary each semester. Please consult the UC Berkeley Schedule of Classes for up-to-the-minute information on course particulars.

Portuguese 12 Elementary Portuguese

Portuguese 101A and B Advanced Portuguese
(for students who have studied another Romance language)

Portuguese 102 Readings in Portuguese

Portuguese 103 Advanced Grammar and Composition

Portuguese 104 Introduction to Brazilian Literature

Portuguese 112 Portuguese Civilization
Reading History through Short Stories

Portuguese 135 Studies in Luso-Brazilian Literature

The Colonial War/Independence in Lusophone Film 

Portuguese 275 Slave Traffic and Colonial History in Literature

Portuguese 275 Narrative and Violence

IAS 202 Portuguese Studies Seminar

LA 229 Mediterranean Climate Landscapes
Offered in the Spring of odd-numbered years (i.e. 2005, 2007, 2009). Through comparative study of natural processes, planning, policy and legislation in Mediterranean-climate regions, students conduct original research, develop planning regimes and designs to enhance environmental and social conditions. After the semester of research is complete, students travel abroad to apply research findings to similar climate-charged questions in Portugal alongside professors and students from Portuguese universities. View past research from this course here.


Summer Term

Study Abroad Program in Portugal: Language and Culture (.doc)
A six-week language and culture immersion through direct contact with Portuguese educational and cultural institutions.


The Portuguese Studies Program at UC Berkeley provides grants to Cal professors for research involving the Portuguese community, offers fellowships to doctoral students embarking on dissertations focused on Portugal, and administers scholarships and fellowships for study at Cal to students of Portuguese descent.

Fellowships and grants are supported by the Pinto-Fialon Fund. Read more about philanthropists Arthur Ferreira Pinto and Annette Fialon.

IES Portuguese Studies Program Pinto/Fialon Scholarships and Fellowships

The Portuguese Studies Program at UC Berkeley offers fellowships to doctoral students embarking on dissertations focused on Portugal and administers scholarships and fellowships for study at UC Berkeley to students of Portuguese descent. Fellowships and fellowships are supported by the Pinto-Fialon Fund. Read more about philanthropists Arthur Ferreira Pinto and Annette Fialon.

Pinto/Fialon Scholarships and Fellowships
The Pinto/Fialon Scholarships (undergraduate) and Fellowships (graduate) are open to Portuguese-American and Portuguese students at UC Berkeley (Portuguese-American students are defined as having at least one Portuguese grandparent.) To be eligible for Pinto/Fialon support, applicants must complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form (available at any Financial Aid Office) so that their financial need may be determined; continuing students should have already received the FAFSA renewal applications. International students are not required to complete this form.

Application deadline is May 15

Application Form

Download the Information Sheet (.doc)

Multi-Year Fellowships for New Graduate Students 

Students entering full-time in regular graduate degree programs at UC Berkeley who are Portuguese (defined as Portuguese citizens) or of Portuguese descent (defined as having at least one Portuguese grandparent) are eligible. Students must be accepted into a regular Ph.D. or Master’s degree program through the regular competitive application process to be eligible. The multi-year fellowships are offered on alternative years only (odd-numbered years). 

Students apply for this fellowship directly with the Graduate Division. Application deadline is First Week of February of each odd-numbered year.

Application Form

Pinto/Fialon Multi-Year Fellowship Information Sheet (.doc)

More information


PSP Research/Language Study Awards

PSP ResourcesThese awards support student research in Portugal or Portuguese studies, and/or attendance at language and language/culture institute summer programs, and are specifically to defray travel costs to Portugal, including the archipelagos of the Azores and Madeira. Travel may be supported to other destinations directly related to research on Portuguese topics, such as travel within North America for research on Portuguese immigrant communities. These grants are open (on a competitive basis) to all full-time Berkeley students, graduate and undergraduate. Any University of California, Berkeley student, regardless of origin, is eligible to apply for these grants. Fluency in Portuguese is not required to receive a grant, but first preference is given to students who are making progress in a course of study in Portuguese. Students in their last year of study are still eligible to apply for study during the summer months immediately following graduation, but preference is given to research leading to a degree. All grant recipients are required to attend an informational meeting (soon after the awards are announced) regarding expectations for their research project, elements more likely to make their project successful, and logistical considerations.

The application deadline is February 28

Application Form

Check the information sheet for details.


2010-11 Annual Report

The Portuguese Studies Program's Annual Report for 2010-11 can be found here(.pdf).


Sousa Mendes Foundation

Sousa Mendes was the Portuguese consul in Bordeaux in 1940, when, against the strict orders of the Salazar government he issued visas to all refugees who sought his help. He issued an estimated 30,000 visas over a handful of days, an act that has been termed by Yehuda Bauer "the greatest single act of heroism by an individual in the entire war." Sousa Mendes was severely punished for his heroism and died in poverty and disgrace.

A new foundation that has recently been established in memory of the great Portuguese hero and Holocaust rescuer Aristides de Sousa Mendes. For more information, visit the Sousa Mendes Foundation.

Bibliografia de textos antigos galegos e portugueses

The database Bibliografia de textos antigos galegos e portugueses consists of a catalog for all texts originally composed in Galician-Portuguese, Portuguese and Galician or translated into these languages ​​during the medieval period. Click here to visit.


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