German-History Lecture Series

Sep 27
Picture of Stargardt and Newsome

Nicholas Stargardt (Univ. of Oxford) and Akasemi Newsome (IES)

What Were They Fighting For? German Soldiers in World War II

IES welcomed Nicholas Stargardt, Professor of Modern European History at Oxford University. His book, entitled The German War, incorporates a number of primary sources, including diaries, in order to to explore the various motives for fighting for Germany in the Second World War.

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Nov 12
Image of Zaitlin for Feldman Lecture

Professor Zatlin speaking in the Bancroft Hotel

Gerald D. and Norma Feldman Lecture: The Ruse of Retirement

This year’s Feldman Lecture speaker was Jonathan Zatlin, Associate Professor of History at Boston University and former PhD student of Professor Feldman. His lecture, entitled “The Ruse of Retirement: Eichmann, Theresienstadt, and the Elderly,” highlighted the ways in which Eichmann used retirement to take advantage of elderly Jewish populations during the Nazi regime.

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