CGES 25th Anniversary

CGES 25th Anniversary Events

CGES/IES Anniversary Conference 
Monday and Tuesday, October 19 – 20, 2015
UC Berkeley


Monday, October 19   370 Dwinelle Hall

3:00-3:30   Kaffee und Kuchen
3:30-5:30   25 Years: CGES and IES
                   Welcoming Remarks:  Beverly Crawford, Gia White 
                   Directors’ Roundtable: Richard Buxbaum, Founding Director of CGES, Beverly Crawford,Chair, CGES, Jeroen Dewulf, Director, IES
                   Commentary:  Jeffrey Anderson, Director, CGES Georgetown
                   Tribute to Gerry Feldman 
5:30   Adjourn                                                                                                           

Tuesday, October 20   Homeroom International House 


9:00-9:15    Coffee and Welcome    Jeroen DewulfDirector, IES              
9:15-12:00    Looking Back on 25 Years of CGES and 25 Years of German Unity: Where Have We Been? How Far Have We Come?”
  Moderator: Christopher Ansell, UCB Travers Department of Political Science
9:15-10:15 Panel I
Jeffrey Anderson, BMW Center for German and European Studies, Georgetown 
“25 Years of Transatlantic Relations: Partnering or Pivoting?”
Mark Vail, Tulane University
 "Beyond Ordoliberalism: German Liberal Ideas and the Development of the Social Market Economy since 1990" 
10:30- 12:00 Panel II
Russ Dalton, UC Irvine 
"Is the East/West Divide in Political Values Decreasing?"
Beverly CrawfordUC Berkeley 
“Europe’s Refugee Crises:  1945, 1989, 2015--Lessons Learned?” 
Damani Partridge, University of Michigan 
"Counteracting Noncitizenship: Articulating "Blackness" as a Universal Claim amidst Holocaust Memory in Unified Germany." 

12:00: Adjourn for lunch
2:00-5:00  Looking Forward: Germany and the Future….. and the Future of German and European Studies
           Moderator: Andrea SinnVisiting DAAD Professor of History UCB
2:00-3:30 Panel 1
Thorsten Benner, Global Public Policy Institute, Berlin
“We are the Hegemon”: Future German Roles in Europe and the World” 
Susanne Lohmann, University of California, Los Angeles
“The German Genius: How the Research University Invented the Modern World” 
Brian Rathbun, University of Southern California
“Moral Hazards: German Views on the Greek Debt Crisis and Beyond” 
3:45-5:00 Panel II
Akasemi NewsomeAssociate Director, IES  
"Verfassungspatriotismus at Work: Immigrant Identity and Mobilization in German Labor Unions" 
Tobias Schultze-Cleven, Rutgers University 
”German Labor Relations: A Fading Model for the 21st Century?”

5:00-5:30: Closing Remarks  
Jeroen Dewulf, Director, IES and Deniz Göktürk, Department of German, UCB   
“The Future of German and European Studies”

5:30   Dinner Reception, International House – open to the public

Institute of European Studies
207 Moses Hall, #2316
University of California
Berkeley, CA  94720-2316

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