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This page provides the names, email addresses, and research interests of faculty, graduate students, visiting scholars, and others at UC Berkeley and area institutions affiliated with The Center for British Studies.

Replace the [at] with an @ symbol for the correct email address. 

Anthony Adamthwaite, Dept. of History (emeritus); EU and European international relations.
adamthwa [at]

Mark Bevir, Dept. of Political Science; Director of the Center for British Studies; British intellectual history (especially political thought), and British politics and governance. 
mbevir [at]

Terri Bimes, Dept. of Political Science; director of Anglo-American Studies Program
bimes [at]

Thomas Brady, Dept. of History (emeritus); Early Modern Europe: Reformation Germany.
tabrady [at]

Marianne Constable, Dept. of Rhetoric; Legal history, law and literature, law and social theory.
constable [at]

James Davies, Dept. of Music
jqd [at]

John A. Douglass, Senior Research Fellow - Public Policy and Higher Education; Center for Studies in Higher Education.
douglass [at]

Ian Duncan, Dept. of English; the novel, British literature and culture 1740-1900, Scottish Enlightenment and Romanticism. 
iduncan [at]

Eric Falci, Dept. of English; British and Irish poetry
efalci [at]

Munis D. Faruqui, Dept. of South & Southeast Asian Studies; South Asian history
faruqui [at]

Anne-Lise Francois, Dept. of English; 18th and 19th-century British literature
afrancoi [at]

Catherine Gallagher, Dept. of English (emerita); 18th, 19th, 20th century British literature; literature and history of Empire; 
cgall [at]

Kevis Goodman, Dept. of English; 18th century literature, Romanticism, Milton, Media Theory, representations of the Holocaust.
kgoodman [at]

Jocelyne Guilbault, Dept. of Music
guilbault [at]

Imogen Hart, Dept. of History of Art
imogenhart [at]

Kinch Hoekstra, Dept. of Political Science; early modern political thought; Thomas Hobbes.
hoekstra [at]

Elizabeth Honig, History of Art; Dutch and Flemish painting, prints, architecture and urban planning. Elizabethan painting and architecture. Gender and representation in Europe, c.1450-1700.
elizahonig [at]

Ernest B. Hook, School of Public Health; British medicine and science, Early modern England. 
ebhook [at]

Abdul R. JanMohamed, Dept. of English
abduljm [at]

Victoria Kahn, Dept. of English; English Renaissance Literature 1500-1660. Critical Theory.
vkahn [at]

Alan Karras, International and Area Studies Teaching Program; British Caribbean, British Empire, Scottish migration. 
karras [at]

Chris Kutz, School of Law
ckutz [at]

Celeste Langan, Dept. of English; 19th century British literature. 
clangan [at]

Thomas W. Laqueur, Dept. of History; 18th & 19th century Britain; cultural history. 
tlaqueur [at]

Joseph Lavery, Dept. of English; Victorian literature and culture
josephlavery [at]

Marc Levin, Former Associate Director, Institute of Governmental Studies; British politics and history. 
marcl [at]

David Lieberman, Jurisprudence and Social Policy Program; 
History of political and social thought, English and Scottish legal history. 
dlieberman [at]

Margaretta Lovell, Dept. of History of Art; British painting, architecture, decorative arts, city planning. 
mmlovell [at]

Michael Mascuch, Dept. of Rhetoric; Early modern British culture and society. 
mascuch [at]

Sarah Maxim, Vice-Chair, Center for Southeast Asia Studies;
maxims [at]

Dan Melia, Rhetoric and Celtic Studies; Medieval narrative; orality; Celtic philology.
dmelia [at]

Thomas Metcalf, Dept. of History (emeritus); history of the British Empire. 
tmetcalf [at]

Kevin O’Brien, Dept. of Political Science
kobrien [at]

Morton Paley, Dept. of English (emeritus); British literature; romanticism; millenarianism; literature and visual arts. 
mpaley [at]

Mark Peterson, Dept. of History
mark-peterson [at]

Joanna Picciotto, Dept. of English; Renaissance-Early Modern and 18th-century British literature
jpicciotto [at]

Janet Sorensen, Dept. of English; 18th-century British literature
jsorensen [at]

Gautam Premnath, Dept. of English; postcolonial studies and 20th century British literature.
gautam_premnath [at]

Sheldon Rothblatt, Dept. of History (emeritus); comparative history of universities; Britain since 1688. 
srothbla [at]

Michael Rubenstein, Dept. of English; 20th-Century British Literature. Postcolonial & World Literature. Narrative & the Novel.
mdru [at]

Ethan Shagan, Dept. of History; Chair of the Department of History; early modern England; politics and religion.
shagan [at]

Shannon Stimson, Dept. of Political Science Emerita; political and economic thought (18th through 20th centuries), Adam Smith.
stimson [at]

Robert Tracy, Dept. of English (emeritus); Irish literature, including early material in the Irish language as well as Irish literature in English; Irish history and folklore; Victorian fiction, especially Dickens; Anglo- Russian literary relations.
rtracy [at]

James Vernon, Dept. of History; 19th century British politics and culture; Empire; Imperial Britain and the problem of hunger
jvernon [at]

J. Nicholas Ziegler, Dept. of Political Science Emeritus; Western European politics; comparative political ideologies; Germany. 
nziegler [at]

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