New Program for the Study of Austria

The Institute of European Studies at the University of California, Berkeley and the Austrian Marshall Foundation are proud to announce the extension of their cooperation agreement. This will allow us to provide fellowships to a select group of graduate students from the United States and Austria in order to stimulate research in and about the other nation. The agreement also allows for a fruitful cooperation between Austrian universities, research institutes and the University of California.

We are also pleased to inform that with the support of the Marshall Foundation and in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy Education, a new Program initiative for the Study of Austria has been established in the context of the agreement. The goal of the Program is to study Austria-related topics in a European context.

The IES Program for the Study of Austria will integrate the network of Austria Centers around the world, where it will collaborate with the universities of New Orleans, Minneapolis, Edmonton, Leiden, Olmütz, Budapest, Jerusalem, and Vienna. We will participate at the annual convention, which will give two Berkeley graduate students the opportunity to present their work at a local graduate student conference and to have an article on their work published in a publication organized by the University of Vienna. Participating graduate students at the convention will also be invited to the annual German Studies Association.