Decentering Local Leadership

On September 13, 2019, IES co-sponsored a workshop on “Decentering Local Leadership,” convened by the Center for British Studies at UC Berkeley. The day-long event brought together international scholars to assess different approaches to multicultural leadership traditions in the context of borders, with particular attention to performative and critical public service leadership. Sarah Ayres (University of Bristol) and Mark Bevir (UC Berkeley) introduced the discussion of pre-circulated papers, which broadly examined empirical aspects of common leadership narratives, alternative and innovative traditions, and leadership in practice, with a focus on the “how” of public leadership and governing. Alessandro Sancino (The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK) presented a study of local political leadership “From Political Managerialism to Facebook and Charismatic Followership.” Mark Bennister (University of Lincoln) discussed the paradoxes of legislative leadership in Westminster, while Jacqueline Ford (Universty of Durham) and Nancy Harding (University of Bath) analyzed inequality and exclusion in the context of management consulting. During the second half of the workshop, Justine Groenbaek Pors (University of Copenhagen) explored local meaning-making from an embodied and affective perspective. Nancy Harding concluded the discussion with a case study on leadership practices in the UK’s South Wales Valleys. This workshop was supported by a DAAD grant.