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The Institute of European Studies welcomes applications for its Undergraduate Research Assistant Program. IES admits only a limited number of qualified candidates on a competitive basis. Students who wish to be considered should apply through the URAP program.

The tasks of a European Studies Research Assistant are multiple and provide experience in the management of an international research institute. The following tasks are required: 

  • Compiling data on IES events throughout the year
  • Working in the IES archives to assemble data for research
  • Researching IES core faculty scholarly activities
  • Researching student groups and current courses for targeted invitations to specific events
  • Acting as a student ambassador for IES events 
  • Managing the IES Facebook account 
  • Updating the IES Twitter account and blog during IES events 
  • Videotaping IES lectures and interviewing guest-speakers
  • Assembling and managing the IES newsletter
  • Organizing a bi-annual undergraduate event in European Studies

A strong interest in European Studies and knowledge of at least one European language other than English is required. Good writing skills and social skills are other important criteria in the selection of candidates.

Spring 2017 URAP Students

Layla Amiri

Layla Amiri is a third year English major with particular interest in British and Irish Literature. She enjoys learning about how European history translates and influences European literature. Additionally, she enjoys learning about European politics and the influence each country has on one another and hopes to continue her studying in Europe after graduation.



Jacqueline Boland

Jacqueline Boland

Jacqueline Boland is a third year majoring in English, minoring in Creative Writing and constantly seeking out Cal's new and exciting opportunities. She is fluent in Italian and hoping to become trilingual before the age of 25. After studying abroad in Florence this summer, Jacqueline is looking forward to pursuing international relations and furthering her connection with Europe's rich culture and history.



Renee Jin
Paolo David

Paolo David is a second year majoring in Nutritional Science and German and seeks to enrich himself from such a great breadth of studies. He speaks English, Tagalog, and German and is working on his Spanish and Dutch. His interest in Europe stems from travelling to European countries and experiencing the variety of cultures. He looks to study in Berlin through UCEAP in the spring semester of 2018.



Charlotte Dillon

Charlotte Dillon

Charlotte Dillon is a first year Political Economy and German major. After five years of studying the German language, she is excited to go to Germany for the first time this summer for an internship in Berlin. There, she hopes to continue to learn about European history, politics, and international relations.



Maria Rios Gutierrez

María Ríos Gutiérrez

María Ríos Gutiérrez is a Spanish exchange student studying at the Haas School of Business for the academic year 2016-17. She will graduate from Carlos III University in January 2020 with a double major in Business and Law. Her main interests are Management Consulting, Operations Management and Criminal and International Law. She has lived in the United States, Ireland, France, and Spain and speaks Spanish, English and French. She is passionate about travelling and about other cultures and languages, especially following her move to Berkeley’s International House.


Jerry Shi

Jerry Shi

Jerry Shi is a first year student whose prospective majors are History and Mathematics. He has a passion for cultural cosmopolitanism and speaks English, German, Mandarin, and some Spanish. Most recently, he has focused on the European refugee crisis with a particular interest in its association with the resurgent German right-wing nationalism. In addition, Jerry is familiar with modern European history and hopes to approach contemporary European studies through a historical perspective.


Lisanne van Engelen


Lisanne van Engelen

Lisanne van Engelen is a second year majoring in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, as well as minoring in Dutch Studies. Lisanne is fluent in Dutch and has spent many summers in Europe traveling with family. She hopes to both continue her studies in Europe after graduating from Berkeley as well as strengthen her connection to European culture through her participation in IES’ URAP program.


Annika Van Galder

Annika Van Galder is a third year majoring in Peace and Conflict Studies with a concentration in National Politics, International Institutions and World Order. She also minors in the German language. Last summer, she interned in Washington DC for the Finance Department of the Democratic National Committee, which provided her an in-depth experience with American politics, specifically during an election year. Annika has traveled extensively throughout Asia, South America, and Europe and has studied the Spanish, German, and Chinese languages. She is primarily interested in studying topics such as the European Union, immigration, languages, peace treaties, German culture, global poverty, and international law.

Ketki Samel

Ketki Samel is a first year planning to major in Integrative Biology with a minor in Global Studies. She currently speaks two languages — English and Spanish — and hopes to learn many more in the future. Ketki was born in Belgium, and she has loved traveling and learning about other cultures ever since her first plane flight at five months old. Her goal is to combine her passions for travel and service by working as a doctor with a humanitarian relief organization. She also hopes to study abroad multiple times throughout her time at Berkeley.


Abel SperoAbel Spero

Abel Spero is a fourth year undergraduate student majoring in Political Economy. He enjoys learning about all European cultures and speaks native English and conversational Spanish. His interest in Europe primarily stems from personal travels and studying European historical, political, and economic patterns.




Ziang Shou

Ziang Zhou

Ziang Zhou is an Economics, Political Science and French triple major at Berkeley and speaks fluent English, Mandarin, French and some German. Growing up in Switzerland, Ziang has a strong tie to Europe and developed an avid passion for European politics and policies both on a regional and international level. During 2016 Spring semester, he participated in an exchange programme at Sciences Po Paris, where he focused on European politics and EU Competition law. Outside school, Ziang particularly enjoys travelling around the world and cooking, among many other things.



Julia Zimring

Julia Zimring

Julia Zimring is a second year majoring in Peace and Conflict Studies. She speaks English and French and hopes to study abroad in Paris next year. Julia is also interested in international relations and human rights. Her goal is to travel to countries with peace and security issues and to provide relief and aid to the people there.




Madeline Zimring

Madeline Zimring

Madeline Zimring is a fourth-year Comparative Literature major studying English, French, and German. She spent the spring semester studying French literature at the Sorbonne in Paris, and hopes to continue her studies in Europe after graduating from Berkeley. Madeline is a co-founder of the "Europe 101: Why Europe Still Matters Decal," and a founding officer of the EU Student Ambassadors at Berkeley organization.

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