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Curricula (Primarily K-12)

The Office of Resources for International and Area Studies (ORIAS)

ORIAS is a joint program of the Title VI Area Centers at UC Berkeley. Since its inception in 1996, the office has been dedicated to providing scholarly resources and supporting professional development for K-12 and community college teachers addressing international studies. It provides the most comprehensive curricular materials for internationalizing the curriculum for K-12 teachers at UC Berkeley.

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Gender, Islam, and the West
The Institute of European Studies was awarded a grant from the Social Sciences Research Council to create a public outreach program focused on Gender, Islam and the West during academic year 2008-09. This interdisciplinary program placed academics, public intellectuals, activists, artists, and writers in conversation with an informed public to explore the relationship between Islam and Western secularism, particularly as it manifests itself in the lives of women. 

  • View GI+W online here.
  • Download GI+W as a large, printable .pdf file here (75 pages).


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