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German Politics and Society

German Politics and Society

Volume 17, Number 2, Summer 1999 (Issue 51)

Table of Contents

From the Editors vi
Laurence McFalls 1
Eastern Germany Transformed: From Postcommunist to Late Capitalist Political Culture  
Caroline King 25
The Second Silent Revolution? Civil Service Reform in the Context of German Unification  
Stephen Wood 55
Culture, Commerce, and Foreign Policy: German Eastern Interests ad Domestic Contexts Juxtaposed  
Brett Klopp 42
Integration and Political Representation in a Multicultural City: The Case of Frankfurt am Main  
Review Essay
Steven Beller 86
German-Jewish History in Modern Times. Vol. 1: Tradition and Enlightenment: 1600-1780; Vol. 2: Emancipation and Acculturation: 1780-1871
Edited by Michael Meyer, with Michael Brenner
Josef Chytry 94
In the Shadow of Catastrophe: German Intellectuals between Apocalypse and Enlightenment
by Anson Rabinbach
John Brady 100
A Berlin Republic: Writings on Germany
by Jürgen Habermas
Kathleen James 105
Capital Dilemma: Germany's Search for a New Architecture of Democracy
by Michael Z. Wise
Annette Freyberg-Inan 109
The Choice for Europe: Social Purpose and State Power from Messina to Maastricht
by Andrew Moravcsik
Michaela W. Richter 115
Der SED-Staat: Partei, Staat und Gesellschaft 1949-1990
by Klaus Schröder
Angela Stent 123
Pariahs, Partners, Predators: German-Soviet Relations, 1922-1941
by Aleksandr M. Nekrich
Peter H. Merkl 129
West Germany Under Construction: Politics, Society, and Culture in the Adenauer Era
Edited by Robert G. Moeller
Thomas Banchoff 134
Deadly Imbalances: Tripolarity and Hitler's Strategy of World Conquest
by Randall L. Schweller
Mark J. Miller 137
Beyond the Swastika
by Peter O'Brien
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