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National Resource Center for West European Studies

The National Resource Center (NRC) for West European Studies at UC Berkeley is supported by the US Department of Education under Title VI of the Higher Education Act of 1965. It is one of twelve European NRCs nation-wide, and one of eight Title VI centers and institutes on the UC Berkeley campus. The Center promotes a wide array of programs advancing scholarship and resource development on West European languages and area studies for UC Berkeley scholars and students, K-14 educators, and the broader public.

In the last decade, the world has witnessed the rise of new global economic powers, new migration patterns, demographic shifts, and transformative developments in science and technology, each presenting unique challenges to European societies, politics, and cultures, as well as the transatlantic relationship. With a new generation of 21st-century Europeanists confronting these new realities, the theme we have developed to realize and lend focus to our program objectives is Europe's Unprecedented Challenges and Opportunities.

At IES, Title VI funds support the following:

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