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Entries prior to the Fall 2016 semester represent a small portion of events held. For a full list of events, see each semester's newsletter.

Apr 26
Image of Deaglio and Fuller

Italian journalist Enrico Deaglio and Mai Fuller, Director of the Program for the Study of Italy

Rethinking the Berlusconi Experience in the Time of Trump

IES’ Program for the Study of Italy welcomed Enrico Deaglio, an Italian journalist and author, to the Berkeley campus for a lecture entitled “Rethinking the Berlusconi Experience in the Time of Trump.”

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Apr 25
Image of Lewis and Newsome

Richard Lewis (Free University of Brussels) and IES Associate Director Akasemi Newsome

UK Referendum and Brexit

Richard Lewis, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of European Studies at the Free University of Brussels, gave a presentation on the United Kingdom’s referendum on membership in the European Union.

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Apr 15
Image of Goring for refugee event

Deputy Consul-General of Germany Johannes Bloos, IES Director Jeroen Dewulf and Michael Göring, Chairman of the ZEIT-Stiftung

The Refugee Crisis in Germany

Michael Göring, chairman of the board of the ZEIT-Stiftung Ebelin and Gerd Bucerius, gave a lecture in Moses Hall on the refugee crisis in Germany. As he explained, a combination of war, terrorism and harsh conditions in countries such as Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq has caused thousands of people to seek refuge in Europe.

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Mar 29
Image of EU parliament delegation

Visit Delegation from the EU Parliament

IES, in cooperation with MATRIX Social Science, had the privilege of welcoming a delegation from the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs of the European Parliament to Berkeley for a roundtable discussion on the “sharing economy.”

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Mar 16
Image of Weber for EPP event

Manfred Weber, Chairman of the EPP in the European Parliament with IES Director Jeroen Dewulf

Meeting with the Chairman of the European People’s Party

IES had the honor of welcoming Manfred Weber, Chairman of the European People’s Party Group in the European Parliament, to the Berkeley campus. The EPP is the largest group within the European Parliament and unites all center-right parties, including Angela Merkel’s CDU and Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz.

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Mar 07
Image of von Marschall for refugee event

Germany and The Refugee Crisis

IES welcomed Christoph von Marschall, one of Germany’s most famous journalists who currently works for Der Tagesspiegel, to Moses Hall on March 7. His talk, entitled “The Crisis of ‘Made in Germany’ – and How Germany can Recover,” discussed the way in which various crises in Germany and the EU have challenged German self-assuredness.

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Feb 10
Image of Doria for economy lecture

Marco Doria, Mayor of the city of Genoa, and IES Executive Director Akasemi Newsome

The Past and Present of the Italian Economy

In a lecture entitled “Facing New Challenges: The Past and Present of the Italian Economy,” Marco Doria, Mayor of Genoa and Researcher at the University of Genoa, recounted an economic history of Italy from the turn of the nineteenth century to the present. Doria explained that industrialization in the nineteenth century significantly altered the country’s percentage of domestic sector shares of Gross National Product.

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Dec 04
Photo of Misse for Catalan independence event

Catalan journalist Andrea Missé and Ana Redondo, UC Berkeley's Catalan Language instructor

The Catalan Independence Movement

Andreu Missé, journalist and editor-in-chief of the magazine Alternativas Económicas, visited the Berkeley campus on December 4 to give a lecture on Catalonia and the “disconnection process” from Spain. Starting with the nineteenth century and working his way to the present-day situation, Missé discussed both the historical and economic origins of such desires for separation and how they have evolved over time.

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Nov 23
Image of Vakarchuk for Ukraine presentation

IES Director Jeroen Dewulf, Ukrainian Activist Sviatoslav Vakarchuk, and Nick Bilogorskiy, President of Nova Ukraine

How Can Ukraine Become a Prosperous Country in Europe?

IES welcomed a presentation by Sviatoslav Vakarchuk entitled “How Can Ukraine Become a Prosperous Country in Europe?” Vakarchuk is a Ukrainian civic activist and famous musician who was given the mandate of the People’s Deputy of Ukraine for the parliamentary elections in 2005 and subsequently became a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Freedom of Expression and Information.

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Nov 13
Photo of Ziemiak for Junge event

Paul Ziemiak, President of the Junge Union

Meeting between IES Students and the Junge Union

IES was pleased to welcome a delegation of the Junge Union to the Berkeley campus that was co-organized with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. The Junge Union, or Youth Union, is the youth version of the CDU, the political party of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, for members between the ages of 14 and 35.

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