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Entries prior to the Fall 2016 semester represent a small portion of events held. For a full list of events, see each semester's newsletter.

Sep 27
Picture of Kastner and Dewulf

Georg Kastner (Andrássy University, Budapest) and Jeroen Dewulf (IES)

The Role of Central European Artists in Building the Hollywood Film Industry

IES was pleased to welcome Georg Kastner, Dean of Andrássy Universität in Budapest, on September 27 for a lecture on the role of Central European creative artists in the building of the Hollywood film industry. Focusing on the era of the Second World War, he highlighted their contributions to anti-fascist propaganda in American movies.

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Sep 22
Picture of Givens

Terri Givens (Menlo College) and Akasemi Newsome (IES)

Legislating Equality in Europe and the United States

IES welcomed Terri Givens, Professor and Provost at Menlo College, on September 22 for a lecture examining issues surrounding discrimination, immigration and populism in both the European and American contexts.

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Sep 20
Picture of Bauer lecture

Julia Chouchair-Vizoso (Center for Middle Eastern Studies), Wolfgang Bauer (Die Zeit) and Akasemi Newsome (IES)

Crossing the Sea with Syrians

IES hosted a discussion on September 20 featuring Die Zeit journalist Wolfgang Bauer, whose recent book, Crossing the Sea with Syrians, documents the experiences of refugees as they undertake the treacherous journey to Europe.

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Sep 20
Picture of Bayraktar and Newsome

Nilgun Bayraktar (California College of the Arts) and IES Associate Director Akasemi Newsome

The Visual Representation of Mobility and Migration to Europe

IES welcomed Nilgun Bayraktar, Assistant Professor of Film History California College of the Arts, to Moses Hall for a lecture on visual representations of mobility and migration to Europe. Analyzing clips and images from a number of projects, Bayraktar explored the symbols and techniques through which the problems of migration are exposed in cinematic arts.

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Sep 16
Picture of Startup Europe event participants

Participants in the Startup Europe Event at the UC Berkeley Sutardja Center.

Startup Europe Comes to UC Berkeley

The Institute of European Studies was pleased to welcome European startup companies to a co-sponsored Startup Europe event with EIT Digital and the Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy (BRIE).

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Sep 09
Pictue of Fickers, Newsome, and Franck

Andreas Fickers (Univ. Luxembourg), Akasemi Newsome (IES) and Pierre Franck (Consul-General of Luxembourg)

The Role of Technology in Making Modern Europe

Andreas Fickers, Professor of Contemporary and Digital History at Luxembourg University, presented on the role of technological experts and regulatory regimes in both shaping diplomacy across European countries as well as facilitating EU integration.

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Aug 30
Photo of Freund and Dewulf

Prof. Em. Michael Freund (Webster University) and IES Director Jeroen Dewulf

The Role of Austria in the European Refugee Crisis

Michael Freund provided an overview to various refugee crises that Austria has faced both historically and in more recent years. He showed through these examples a change in attitude of the Austrian people towards the arrival of refugees.

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Jun 18

Visit of French Secretary of State Matthias Fekl

On June 8th, Matthias Fekl, French Secretary of State in charge of Foreign Trade, Tourism and representing French Citizens Abroad honored the French Studies Program at the Institute of European Studies with a visit and took part in a panel discussion on the future of US-France/EU trade relations. He presented a brief overview of current trade initiatives, with a special focus on the TTIP negotiations. Matthias Fekl noted in his speech that the world has moved towards a modern age of trading between countries due to globalization.

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May 05
Image of Minister President Bouffier

Minister President Bouffier and UC Berkeley and Berkeley City College EU Student Ambassadors

Minister President Bouffier and the Future of the European Union

IES was honored to welcome Volker Bouffier, Minister President of the German state of Hessen, and a delegation of German academics to the Berkeley campus for a luncheon with distinguished faculty and students. luncheon, Bouffier gave remarks on his view towards the future of the European Union.

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Apr 28
Image of Venizelos
IES Director Jeroen Dewulf, Former Deputy Prime-Minister of Greece Evangelos Venizelos and Dimitrios Xenitellis, Consul-General of Greece in San Francisco.

Evangelos Venizelos on the Refugee Crisis in Greece

IES was honored to welcome Evangelos Venizelos, former Deputy Prime Minister of Greece and the current Vice Chairperson of the Socialist Group in the Council of Europe, to the Berkeley campus.

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