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Besides the D.E. in European Studies, IES provides a wide range of other opportunities for graduate students to enhance their coursework, support their research, and create a community of Europeanists. The Disciplinary M.A./Ph.D. in a European Language is available from 7 departments: Classics, French, German, Italian, Scandinavian, Turkish, and  Spanish & Portuguese. The Professional M.A./J.D./Ph.D. with European Studies emphasis is also available to all graduate students in professional programs.  The M.A. in International and Area Studies (MAIAS) is housed in the International and Area Studies Dept. MAIAS is an interdisciplinary degree program for students already matriculating in one of UC Berkeley’s professional schools or academic departments who seek expertise in contemporary international issues and/or detailed knowledge of Europe, its regions or its countries. Matriculating students receive two degrees. Two IES core faculty serve as MAIAS Core Faculty. For more, go to MAIAS.

IES offers a range of fellowships for graduate students. These include: Entering Graduate Student Fellowships, Pre-dissertation and Dissertation Grants for students focusing on Europe, Pre-dissertation grants for students focusing on Lusophone communities and issues, and Pre-Dissertation and Dissertation grants for students focusing on Britain and intending to travel to the UK to either prepare a dissertation proposal or finish their research in the UK, and FLAS awards that support students who will study a modern European language as an integral part of an academic program. For more, go to Grants & Fellowships.

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