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Finnish language classes are offered at beginning, intermediary, and advanced levels at UCB (Scand 2a/b, 102a/b). They normally meet on Tues/Thurs and are open to all students (as well as interested community members through the UC-Extension concurrent enrollment option). Read more...

Finnish Studies Program Overview
The Finnish Studies Program (FSP)
was founded in recognition of the importance of Finland and Finnish-American culture in the Bay Area, California and the international community. The Finnish-American community's history in Berkeley includes pioneering contributions such as the co-op movement and the establishment of local halls and churches. With a distinguished Scandinavian department, many faculty in a broad range of disciplines with research interests touching on Finland, and sizable library holdings, UC Berkeley launched FSP following a joint agreement in 1995 with the Finnish government to promote scholarly exchanges between Finnish academic institutions as well as the study of the language, culture and society of Finland. Every year, FSP sponsors a variety of lectures and an annual conference. In 1999 conference on "Challenges to the Network Society" drew more than 500 people. The Finnish Ministry of Education provides partial funding that allows the instruction of Finnish, the only EU language that was not previously taught on a permanent basis in California. In the past, the Institute provided seed using grant money from the Department of Education's National Resource Center Title VI funds. Today, the Finnish Ministry of Education with the University and specifically the Scandinavian Department support the teaching of Finnish.

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