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Johannes M. Biermann graduated from the University of Cologne with a master’s degree in business administration. He first worked for Siemens AG in Munich and his current professional role is as Senior Director, Customer Insights, at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise in California. He has been the San Francisco Eric M. Warburg Chapter Director of the American Council on Germany (ACG) since 2003. The ACG is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization incorporated in New York in 1952 that promotes dialogue among leaders from business, government, and the media in the US and Europe.

Rita M. Bral graduated from the University of Ghent, Belgium, with a BA in Art History, a Master’s in Roman Philology and an Aggregate in Pedagogy. From 1988-2002 she was Executive Director of Software Research Institute. She held the mandate of Honorary Consul of Belgium for Northern California and Nevada from 1993-2013, and was knighted twice by King Albert II of Belgium for her services. Currently she is Vice-President Corporate Communications of Software Research, Inc.

Francisco Garcia Moran graduated in Mathematics from the University of Sevilla and in Computer Science from the University of Madrid. Visiting Scholar at UC Berkeley in 2014-2015 thanks to a Fellowship awarded by the European Commission. Always worked for public administration at national and regional level. Joined the European Commission in 1986 where he was Director General of Informatics from 2004 to 2013. Current job Chief IT Advisor.

Terri E. Givens  was an IES and CGES grant recipient and an active participant in their events while obtaining a PhD at UCLA. She is a renowned scholar in the field of immigration politics. Her most recent book, Legislating Equality was published by Oxford University Press in 2014. She was a Professor of Political Science at University of Washington from 1999 to 2003, and at University of Texas at Austin (2003-2015). At UT Austin, she launched the Center for European Studies as well as an undergraduate major in European Studies and served as Vice Provost of Undergraduate Curriculum and International Affairs (2006-2009). She became Provost at Menlo College in Atherton, CA in July 2015.

Robert Heller was born in Cologne, Germany and obtained his Ph.D. in Economics from UC Berkeley. He began his career as an economics professor at UCLA and the University of Hawaii. Subsequently he was Chief of the Financial Studies Division of the International Monetary Fund and Director of International Economic Research at Bank of America. The President appointed him as a Governor of the Federal Reserve Board in Washington. After that, he became President and CEO of Visa U.S.A. Robert Heller is a director of several public and private corporations. 

David Clay Large obtained a Ph.D. in History from U.C. Berkeley in 1974. He has taught at Berkeley, Smith College, Montana State University, and Yale University, where he was also a college dean. A specialist on modern Central Europe, Large has published some twelve books on such topics as West German rearmament in the Adenauer era, Wagnerism in European politics and culture, urban history (Munich and Berlin), the German-hosted Olympic Games, and the Grand Spa-towns of Central Europe. Currently he offers courses through the Fromm Institute for Lifelong Learning (University of San Francisco) and serves as a Senior Fellow at Berkeleyfs Institute of European Studies.

Dana T. Redford did his Post-Doc research at the Haas School of Business and was visiting scholar at the IES Portuguese Studies Program. He holds a BA (Hons.) in Political Science from University of Colorado at Boulder and a PhD in Management from ISCTE-Lisbon. He is Founder and President of the Portugal Entrepreneurship Education Platform and an internationally recognized expert on entrepreneurship and public policy. He has worked with the US Department of Commerce, European Commission, OECD, the UN and various European governments. He is Professor at the Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Porto, and was previously Faculty Coordinator and Guest Lecturer at the Center for Executive Education.

Johann Strobl is a graduate from Vienna University of Economics and Business. He acts as Chief Risk Officer and Deputy Executive of Raiffeisen Bank International AG, which is a leading bank in Central and Eastern Europe with a broad network in fifteen countries.

Michel Wendell is the Honorary Consul of Finland in the San Francisco Bay Area. Having earned his EE degree, he left his native Finland in 1985 and landed in the Silicon Valley in 1996. He is co-founder and General Partner of Nexit Ventures, a venture fund focusing on wireless and mobile opportunities. He also serves as a director on the boards of several venture backed high tech companies.

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