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DUE MARCH 2, 2007
UC Berkeley, UC San Diego & UC System — Entering Graduate Fellowships in Modern European Studies
The Center for German and European Studies announces the availability of fellowships in the amount of $10,000 ($5,000 each semester), Fall 2007 and Spring 2008 for outstanding entering graduate students who demonstrate an interest in modern European studies. The sponsoring unit must agree to provide tuition and fee waivers for students who are selected. The Center will also provide a matching grant of $5,000 for a third semester (Fall 2007), provided that the nominating department continues the tuition and fee waiver support and agrees to provide an additional $5,000 to the student. The department’s contribution can come in the form of a GSI or GSR appointment. The student’s graduate advisor is required to write a brief narrative report on their progress each semester. For more information, see the link below:

Campanile in Blue Light, c. 2006 E KotilaIES Student Research at Cal
IES actively contributes to research about Europe not only through faculty lectures, conferences, and support, but also through the nuturence of graduate students in all fields who focus on Europe in their work. This takes the form of scholarships, travel funding for research abroad, language-learning assistance, and seminars and lectures in which advanced students present their findings to a broader audience. Your contributions to IES help fund our scholarship activity in particular. Our winter newsletter profiles two such doctoral candidates who have benefited from IES support.

Political Participation of Carribeans in Europe
In November Political Science Ph.D. Candidate Rahsaan Maxwell delivered a lecture entitled “Paradoxes of Political Integration: Caribbeans in Contemporary Britain and France.” Alerting the audience to the many issues contained within the term ‘integration’ (including access to government resources, identification with a national community, and participation), Maxwell focused his talk upon one aspect of political integration: minority representation among elected local officials. Read more ...

‘Are We Mongols?’: Finland's Historical Identity Crisis
Greggor Mattson, a Berkeley PhD candidate in Sociology and recent Fulbright scholar, gave an IES and Finnish-Studies sponsored November presentation related to his research in Finland. Entitled, ‘Are We Mongols?’, the talk explored concepts of Finnish-identity as exotic non-Europeans stemming from the racially-charged research and attitudes of the 19th to mid-20th centuries. Read more ...

IES Welcomes Director John Efron

Director John EfronJohn Efron, Koret Professor of History and Jewish Studies and Chair of the Program in Jewish Studies, takes over the directorship of IES as the new academic years begins.

His academic focus is on the cultural and intellectual history of modern Jewry, with emphasis on the Jews of German-speaking Europe. He is the author of Medicine and the German Jews: A History (2001), Jewish History and Jewish Memory: Essays in Honor of Yosef Hayim Yerushalmi (1998), and Defenders of the Race: Jewish Doctors and Race Science in Fin-de-Siècle Europe (1994). IES looks forward to his leadership and wishes him a warm welcome.

New Faces in Moses Hall

Candace Groskreutz Portrait, Photo by E Kotila 2006 has seen the addition of several new faces to IES. We are pleased to welcome a new Center for British Studies Assistant Director and a new Title VI Coordinator (in addition to our new Director John Efron).

Candace Groskreutz
joined the Center for British Studies last January after working in publishing at both HarperSanFrancisco and at a literary agency in London for a total of eight years. Having studied Journalism at Berkeley, Candace has also worked with international students at Mills College and with Summer Sessions at UCB before joining IES. Read more ...

Camoes PaintingScholarships, Fellowships for Study of Portuguese or Portugal and for Students of Portuguese-Descent
IES' Portuguese Studies Program administers several funding programs for graduate and undergraduate Berkeley students who study Portugal, Portuguese language, or are of Portuguese descent. The funds come from a variety of endowments, some of which are restricted.

All Berkeley students interested in working in Portugal or on Portuguese-related topics can apply for PSP Student Research/Language Study Awards. Portuguese and Portuguese-American students are eligible for fellowships from the Pinto-Fialon fund.
The Pinto-Fialon Multi-Year Graduate Fellowship in particular should be of interest to graduate students. Faculty Research & Teaching Grants are also available. Most applications are due beginning in late January.

NEW! Faculty Foreign Language Teaching Grants
IES is pleased to announce a competition for a $1,500 travel grant for Berkeley foreign language instructors of Western European languages to support the acquisition of new information and training in language pedagogy, second-language acquisition, and applied linguistics. The competition is open to lecturers, tenure-track, and tenured faculty. Applications should include the following:

  • A proposal statement describing the applicant’s planned travel and how it will enhance language instruction at UCB Berkeley
  • A budget
  • A curriculum vitae

Please submit these items by June 1, 2007, to Beverly Crawford, Associate Director, Institute of European Studies, 202 Moses Hall #2316, Berkeley, CA 94720-2316.

Country Program News

Scottish Romanticism Conference ImageScottish Romanticism
The Center for British Studies began the Fall 2006 semester with a four day conference on Scottish Romanticism in World Literatures from September 7-10 . Co-sponsored with the Dept. of English, UCB, and in collaboration with Arts, Histories and Cultures, The University of Manchester, the conference hosted plenary lectures by Cairns Craig, Robert Crawford, Luke Gibbons, Susan Manning, Murray Pittock, and David Simpson and workshops/seminars by James Chandler, David Hewitt and Alison Lumsden, John Plotz and Penny Fielding, and a Margaret Russett Symposium, "The Novel in World History, 1790-1840," with Margaret Cohen, Catherine Gallagher, Peter Garside, Catherine Jones and Franco Moretti. Read more...


French Studies: Everyday Poetry & Synchronicity
During the last few months, French Studies program sponsored two very interesting and well received events. The first, on October 13 and 14, was a Conference on Poetry of the Everyday. This conference focused on French poetry one might encounter in the street, on the walls, in the subway, at work, or in clubs, as well as at bookstores and libraries. The papers presented were about rap and graffiti artists,  poetry and popular song settings of poems by Baudelaire or Aragon or Queneau, for example, or links between particular poets and specific musical forms, such as Jacques Réda and jazz. There were contributions on poets past and current whose writing sticks close to everyday experience: the sonnet-diary of William Cliff, for example, or the travel sonnets of Roubaud, or the portraits by Jacques Jouet of groups at work from Cantates de Proximité. Read more ...


Featured European Recipe
Easy One-Pot Ratatouille (Vegetable Soup from the South of France)
From the south of France comes this classic and refreshing dish which can be served hot on cold winter nights or cold on balmy summer eavenings. Read more...

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Movers & Shakers
The Commonwealth Club of the Bay Area

Culture & Politics Discusssions
For those interested in politics and international events, the Commonwealth Club of California offers a robust speakers series on topics ranging from Muslim perceptions of America to the aesthetic and cultural implications of Urban sproul. Membership is open to all.

Jean Sibelius Caraciture
Berkeley Symphony:
Winter Program
Celebrated conductor Kent Nogano conducts European masters this Winter in Berkeley.
January - May, 2007

European Media
Curious about European perspectives and priorities but haven't had the time to track down links to the foreign press? IES has compiled a starter list for you. Explore the latest headlines on Iraq, the EU integration, defense, climate change, and more to gain a broader perspective on world events. Read more...