Institute for European Studies eNews: The IES Newsletter Vol. 5 Issue 1 Fall 2005
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Welcome from Director Gerald D. Feldman
Welcome to a new academic year at the Institute of European Studies at Berkeley. I return to my last year of the Directorship after an interesting summer, participating in the Berkeley-Vienna program sponsored by the Austrian Marshall Fund in Vienna during May-June, Read more...

Diplomatic Brief:
Rolf Schütte, Visiting Scholar & New Consul-General of Germany in San Francisco
An eminent career diplomat with the German Foreign Office, Rolf Schütte (spelled Schuette when no umlauts are available) spent four months in Berkeley last Spring as one of IES’ Visiting Scholars. Schütte’s sabbatical year in the US could well be a microcosm of his peripatetic life: four months in New York, four in Washington, culminating with four in Berkeley (not including travel back and forth to Germany to see family). Read more...

Special Event:
Sir David King, Chief Science Advisor to the British Government, Speaks on Climate Change
in conversation with Sandy Tolan, Director, Project on International Reporting, Graduate School of Journalism, and Michael Pollan, Professor, Graduate School of Journalism

Thursday, September 15, 6:00 pm, Maude Fife Room, Wheeler Hall

The Public is cordially invited.

Merkel & SchroederGerman Elections: Monday Afternoon Quarterbacking
IES will hold a "Monday Afternoon Quarterbacking" session on the German elections. Professors Gerald D. Feldman, Professor of History and Director of IES, J. Nicholas Ziegler, Professor of Political Science, Michael Minkenberg, Professor of Political Science, Viadrina University, Frankfurt/Oder, and Tobias Schulze-Cleven, Political Science, UC Berkeley, will participate. Read more ...
Monday, September 19, 12 Noon, 201 Moses Hall

Other Upcoming IES Events:
Fall begins our new season of lectures, get-togethers, and cultural events to which the public is cordially invited. Please join us for an event which interests you. Read more...

UN-Iran Atomic Energy IllustrationIn Focus:
The EU and Iran: A New Role for Old Europe?
Europe and the United States, oft-squabbling allies, have generally been in tune over how best to deal with the three-year old nuclear standoff with Iran. Germany, Great Britain and France — the so-called European 3 (E3) — have represented Europe and the European Union and have taken the lead in negotiating with Iran over its nuclear program. Read more ...


19th Century Ireland MapNew Irish Studies Speakers Series!
IES will host a new speaker series on Irish Studies, thanks to the generous support of the Irish government, the Irish Consulate of San Francisco in association with the Western Institute of Irish Studies, and the Center for British Studies at Berkeley. Read more...


Looking West to Washington: Select European Media Links
Curious about European perspectives and priorities but haven't had the time to track down links to the foreign press? IES has compiled a starter list for you. Explore the latest headlines on Iraq, the EU constitution, terrorism, climate change, and more to gain a broader perspective on world events. Read more...


Finnish FlagFinland in the Limelight
Finland has been basking in good press during 2005. It was voted the world's most competitive economy, its high-school students ranked number one worldwide in educational achievement, and the country was also named as having the world's most sustainable ecological index. The Washington Post did a reporters' Finland blog investigating this phenomenon of a high-achieving, quiet country or, as the authors put it, “the world's most interesting country that Americans know least about”.

UC-Berkeley's own visiting scholar Pekka Himanen is featured as the opening interviewee. Berkeley is one of the dozen or so universities in the United States which offer the opportunity to study Finnish on a continuing basis.


Riechstag DomeNew Lecture Series on Germany
IES is pleased to announce a new lecture series by the Center for German and European Studies and the American Council on Germany.

Entitled Facing Common Challenges: The Transatlantic Speaker Series on Germany, Europe, and the United States, the Speaker Series will examine the impacts of Germany's ongoing but ever changing role in international foreign policy, economic integration, and multinational business strategy.

The first event in this series will be a Discussion by Dr. Jörg Himmelreich.


Featured European Recipe: Spiced Italian Cookies
Our IES Dessert Cookbook was such a hit a few years back that we realized our readers might like a delicious recipe (not infrequently a family secret!) from one of the countries we research. This issue's recipe is from Italy and a family heirloom from Dr. Julie Taddeo. Read more...

Programs and Research:

Center for Italian Studies, 2005
The Center for Italian Studies and the Department of Italian are sponsoring an active series of public lectures and events this coming year. Read more...

Center for British Studies Events This Fall
The Center for British Studies has a very active Fall events schedule. Take a look at our upcoming lectures and conferences. Read more...

Luis de Camoes, Portuguese PoetForeign Language and Area Studies (FLAS)
IES announces its 2005-2006 FLAS recipients.

Literary Prizes from Portuguese Studies
The Center for Portuguese Studies is pleased to award prizes for literary achievement on the theme of Women and Immigration. Read more...

Finnish and Baltic-Nordic Languages Web Resources
IES has sponsored the development of two websites consolidating online resources for less and least commonly taught languages of the European far north, for the benefit of systemwide UC students and distance-learners. UC Berkeley's Finnish Studies program is described in detail, and links to online courses, literature, and dictionaries in languages ranging from Norwegian to Estonian are featured, as well. Learn more about Finnish Studies or Baltic-Nordic languages.

Regardez, Ecoutez, Interagissez! Foreign Language Interactive Teaching Methods
Désirée Pries and Françoise Sorgen-Goldschmidt attended the “Foreign Language Education and Technology Uniting the World” last August at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. The conference offers the opportunity to “learn of the latest in language technology theory and practice”. Read more...

France-Berkeley Fund
The year 2005 has been one of growth and change for the France-Berkeley Fund. Growth thanks to the number of applications received and grants given and changes in the management of the Fund. Read more...

Cultural Events:
Exhibition: The Nobel Prize in History and Context
The Exploratorium in SF hosts an exhibit demystifying the establishment and ongoing operation of the Nobel Prize. Public lectures, trivia, and more.
July 14 - Oct 2, 2005
Nobel Medal

Documentaries from Holland
A Pacific Film Archive series focusing on two Dutch cineasts, Jos de Putter and Peter Delpeut.
Sept 18 - Oct 17, 2005

New Course: Art & Architecture of Berlin
The UC Extension is offering a new course on the Art & Architecture of Berlin on Saturdays this Fall. Read more...
Begins Sept 24, 2005

San Rafael Italian Film Festival
A great way to celebrate new and moving films from Italy, most of which are rarely released in the US. The San Francisco International Film Festival also hosts their own New Italian Cinema Festival each November in San Francisco (check their site as details are posted).
October 1 to November 12, 2005

Mellon Consortia Conference on British Studies
The Center for British Studies is pleased to announce the first Mellon Consortia Conference on British Studies taking place on the Berkeley campus, in conjunction with the University of Chicago and Yale University.  This conference will revisit debates about economic modernization.
Friday-Saturday, September 23-24, 2005

Select Upcoming Grant & Fellowship Deadlines:
American-Scandinavian Foundation
Awards for Study in Scandinavia. Synopsis: Applicants must have a well-defined research or study project that makes a stay in Scandinavia essential. Projects should be planned to fall within the summer period. For more info:
Deadline: November 1, 2005

Berkeley-Vienna Grants for short-term pre-dissertation and dissertation research, and for short-term faculty research in the political economy, broadly defined.
Deadlines: November 1, 2005 and January 31, 2006

2006-2007 FLAS Fellowship (Foreign Language & Area Studies)
Application forms and more information is available from Graduate Division Fellowships website
Deadline: February 1, 2006

UC-Berkeley Fellowships for Continuing Graduate Students
Deadline: March 1, 2006

Your donations help sustain our support to deserving graduate students. Please consdier contributing to the IES Fellowship Program.