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2015 has been a busy year for CGES on the Berkeley campus. CGES got a new logo, and the Spring Semester opened the a newly-inaugurated German History Lecture Series.  The series ushered in a year of exciting and well-attended lectures, offering new information and insights on issues crucial to our understanding the modern German speaking world. Speakers analyzed the importance of the year ‘1968’ in German history,  the German debate over nuclear technology in the 1980s,  new research on the Third Reich, Dresden’s anti-immigration movement, Germany’s new global role, and corporate compliance in Germany and the United States.  The Spring semester also inaugurated the beginning of a new program on “Global Germany,” sponsored by the DAAD, with two conferences: one on Germany’s Partnership with new member states, and the other on the impact of globalization on German society and culture and the role of barriers erected to combat it.  The Fall program included two large international conferences, one celebrating the 25th Anniversary of CGES, and the other exploring German foreign policy as a “model” for reconciliation between the two Koreas, China and Taiwan, and the implications for stability in the Asian region as a whole. The Anniversary Conference was part of a larger anniversary celebration in partnership with Georgetown University; Berkeley’s CGES invited Professor Jeffrey Anderson to speak at the Berkeley conference, and Professor Crawford was invited to speak at the Georgetown anniversary conference.  The “Global Germany” project also supported the graduate student group, “Der Kreis” in bringing speakers from other DAAD Centers in North America to Berkeley to speak on their research topics and share their expertise with students on specific dissertation topics.

All in all this has been a year of tremendous productivity, a year of celebration, and a year of rebirth for CGES at Berkeley, thanks to the DAAD and to our generous donors.

Akasemi Newsome
Executive Director

University of California
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