UC Berkeley Undergraduate Awarded Top Conference Paper at the Claremont-UC Conference on the European Union

Each year, IES supports the Claremont-UC Undergraduate Research Conference on the European Union, held at Scripps College. The conference, whose primary goal is to enhance undergraduate knowledge of the European Union and transatlantic relations, allows students from all US institutions with expertise in different fields to interact with each other while networking with international faculty, fostering intercampus cooperation, and recognizing the excellent worked achieved by students at the undergraduate level. Envisioned as an intercampus undergraduate seminar, participating universities simultaneously offer courses on current issues relevant in Europe today, designing curricula so as to encourage student-initiated research and presentations. UC Berkeley was well represented at the 2017 conference, which was held from April 6-8. IES is pleased to announce that one of Berkeley’s talented undergraduates, John Gleb, was distinguished as one of the top two papers of the conference. In addition to having his paper Dividing Germany, Accepting an Invitation to Empire: The Life, Death, and Historical Significance of George Kennan’s ‘Program A’ published in the official conference journal, Gleb, along with the recipient of the second top-paper distinction, will have the opportunity to present his research in Brussels during the upcoming summer trip, supported by IES. Congratulations, John!